The Dressing Room

Bella Cassett and her best friend Hilary Welth had finally gotten One Direction concert tickets. But when she's leaving she and Hilary get swarmed by a mob of fans and locked in a dressing room. They meet Niall Horan and make their escape but meeting Niall changed Bella's Life.


3. Escape

"Um Hi we will be going now sorry." Hilary quickly said, standing up. "Wait." Niall said. Bit we had already left. We ran out to the parking lot and ran into my mom's van that I had borrowed. As I was about to leave five people in thick hoodies and sunglasses came running up to the van. I stopped and one of them slid down their sunglasses to reveal blue eyes. I unlocked the doors and everyone got in. "Where are the fans you're running from?" I asked them. Before they could answer I saw against wave of people running up in front of us. I quickly drove away but the fans had fanned out on the sidewalk and we're still after us. After about two hours we reached my house. "Umm... Where can we go? To get to our house we will have to pass where the fans stopped." Liam pointed out. "Come." I said and led everyone up to my front steps. I went inside and walked to the bottom of the stairs. "Mommm? Can I go to Hilary's house for a few weeks?" I called up. " Yep!" Was my moms response. I ran upstairs and yanked a suitcase out of my closet. I piled some clothes into it and grabbed books. I slipped my phone into my pocket and ran to the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and paste and shoved it into my bag. I zipped it up and dragged it down the stairs. I lugged it to my car and everyone followed and got in. I drove to Hilary's house. I ran out with my suitcase and threw it inside. I ran back to the van and said "What's your guys favourite store around here." They shrugged so I just Drove to Hollister. We picked a ton of clothes for them and they had so much everyone had to carry like 4 bags. We piled back in and I drove to Hilary's house. She had just moved out and there were 3 extra rooms. When we got back Harry put his stuff in Hilary's room Niall's in my guest room. Liam and Louis shared a room and Zayn got his own. When he heard this he was so mad. "Why!? You all act like you hate me! You don't want to room with me! I'm OUT!" And he stormed out of the house. "ZAYN!" Everyone called after him, but he kept going.
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