The Dressing Room

Bella Cassett and her best friend Hilary Welth had finally gotten One Direction concert tickets. But when she's leaving she and Hilary get swarmed by a mob of fans and locked in a dressing room. They meet Niall Horan and make their escape but meeting Niall changed Bella's Life.



"I've tried playing it cool." AAAAHH!!!!" Drowned out all of their beautiful singing. Me and Hilary Screamed along with everyone else as their final song started. Two minutes later the concert ended. One Direction left the stage and everyone filed out. Hilary and I tried to go to the parking lot but fans pushed us towards the backstage area. We and Hilary were pushed into a room and the door swung shut and we heard the click of it locking. I looked around and saw a desk with a mirror. Their was a clothes rack and a rack full with different microphones and shoes. Me and Hilary sat against a wall and she whispered "What do we do now?" I shrugged and we say in silence for about 15 minutes. The door opened and a guy walked in. He saw us sitting there he backed against the wall with a creeped out look on his face. "We just got locked in here by the swarm of fans I swear." I said to him. "Oh and I'm Bella and this is Hilary. Hi." I finished. "Uumm hi I'm Niall Horan."
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