The Dressing Room

Bella Cassett and her best friend Hilary Welth had finally gotten One Direction concert tickets. But when she's leaving she and Hilary get swarmed by a mob of fans and locked in a dressing room. They meet Niall Horan and make their escape but meeting Niall changed Bella's Life.


1. The Tickets

"AAAH!!!!!" Hilary and I screamed at the same time. I grabbed my mom's paper shredder from the corner of the room and threw the contents into the air. "Confetti!" Hilary yelled, dancing in the shredded paper. I snatched the tickets from her hand and stared at them. Front. Row. Tickets!! "Catch me, I'm fainting." I gasped dramatically, falling towards Hilary. She stepped backwards and I crashed onto the hard floor. "OWIE!" I screamed get up and putting my favourite CD into the player, Up All Night Deluxe version. Na Na Na came on and me and Hilary danced around the room. My little sister, Rose who was 8 and ten years younger then me, barged into the room. My mom followed behind her holding a brush. She dragged the brush Through Rose's hair one more time. "FRONT ROW ONE DIRECTION TICKETS!!" Me and Hilary yelled in unison. "Big deal. It's not like they are All Star Weekend or something." She snapped. There was a knock at the door and Rose ran into the front hall to open it. "I'm going to Emily's now, bye." She called and shut the door behind her. We shooed my mom from. The room and sang along. "Your insecure, don't know what for..."
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