Secrets kept between Me and You

This movella is about a girl named Elizabeth who goes on the journey of her life looking for fun but will she find love instead? When a suddenly she bumps into a boy while writing in her diary who she was amazed with his beatiful looks, his blonde hair, blue eyes. Oh he was a keeper for sure. Keep on reading to find out what happens next.


2. London, We've Arrived

Finally we are off the airplane after 12 long hours! Jennifer has some relatives here in London so we'll be staying with them. They were pretty surprised when they saw us. "Jennifer" i said "I feel pretty bad about staying here with your family". "Dont be" she told me. It was kinda weird being around people i dont know. So i unpacked my stuff, settled down, greeted everyone and finally relaxed. I had brought my diary just in case i needed to write down something important. I decided to go to the park and write down some things that were on my mind. I sat down on a nearby bench under a blossoming tree, it was beautiful. Its was around 9 and getting dark so i got up, i started walking but was distracted still writing in my diary when i bumped into someone. He look at me i stuttered "s-sorry" he was amazing, blonde hair and perfect blue eyes. He replied "its ok, dont worry about it". "Im really sorry i wasnt watching where i was going", i said. He laughed and said "What are you doing out here anyways, its getting dark. By the way my name is Niall". Niall? I think ive heard that name somewhere. "I was just leaving" i said "my name is Elizabeth but my friends call me Elly". "Alright Elly., where are you headed? I cant let someone as pretty as you walk alone at this time of day". I blushed. "Well um i just got here with my friend and we are staying at her relatives house". "i'll walk you then he said". I agreed we finally got to jennifers house and i thanked Niall and exchanged phone numbers.
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