Secrets kept between Me and You

This movella is about a girl named Elizabeth who goes on the journey of her life looking for fun but will she find love instead? When a suddenly she bumps into a boy while writing in her diary who she was amazed with his beatiful looks, his blonde hair, blue eyes. Oh he was a keeper for sure. Keep on reading to find out what happens next.


4. Is It A Date?

"Jennifer!!!! Come here quick, i got exciting news!!" i heard jennifer run upstairs, i couldnt wait to tell her what had happened that night.! "Whats the news,thats so exciting?" she said sarcastically. I began to tell her "Ok,so you know how i went out that night and it was late"? "Yeah what about it"? Said jennifer. "I was walking writing in my diary when i bumped into this boy who was just gorgeous, his name was niall and.." i was cut off in half sentence with a crazy maniac friend yelling and screaming "OMG please tell me its the niall im thinking of,from One Direction"!!! When she finally calmed down i responded "I think it was because his name sounded familiar and it was him" i was gonna tell her about the phone number and call but im sure she is better off like that knowing she might tackle me to the ground to get information. So Niall called me last night i got so nervous, we started asking eachother questions to get to know eachother and he asked me on a date....i said no..ARE YOU INSANE OF COURSE I SAID YES!!!!

Niall's POV

Im so glad 'elly' said yes when i asked her on a date, this rarely has happend to me but i felt like if it was one of those romantic movies and its like love at first sight. I didnt think that was even possible but it seems like it is, i asked her out to this fancy restaurant im supposed to pick her up at 8:00. Crap im late its 8:10 ugh gotta run. Where are my keys!!? Finally found them. I arrived at her house at 8:15 i apologized for being late she said its ok that she understood but i felt really bad about being late on our first date. "So whats the restaurant like?" she asked me "Uhm pretty classy and fancy" i told her. She looked sad. "Why so sad?" i asked her. "I feel really bad that im not dressed appropiately for a fancy place, i mean just look at me i look horrible!" i looked at her she was wearing a blue shirt with a pair a casual jeans and black shoes. She didnt look that bad, i didnt know why she was underestimating herself, i said "You look great, dont worry. I look for more than just the way you personality, heart and being yourself" after i said that i saw a smile light up on her face. "Thanks" was all she said. We were only 5 minutes away from the restaurant. Here we go….... PS. "Next Chapter Is Going To Be Added Around Next Thursday Or Friday! Hope you like this chapter :)
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