Secrets kept between Me and You

This movella is about a girl named Elizabeth who goes on the journey of her life looking for fun but will she find love instead? When a suddenly she bumps into a boy while writing in her diary who she was amazed with his beatiful looks, his blonde hair, blue eyes. Oh he was a keeper for sure. Keep on reading to find out what happens next.


5. Gone Wrong

Authors Note: Change of plans, instead of adding this chapter next week im going to add it right now. I know this has nothing to do with the movella but where it says my age it say 1913. Where did that come from!!?? And how did it get on my profile!??? #Scared

Elizabehts POV

What niall had just told me, made me feel so much better to know that he didnt worry much about the way i dressed. Well we finally made it to the restaurant, and it really did look fancy. I've never really been to a restaurant with someone other than my parents so this officially was a first.! Unfortunately as Niall was helping me get out of the car, he closed the door too fast and it caught my shirt as it ripped off. I was standing there in the cold with no shirt on other than my bra, i was so embarrassd but not as much as Niall was his whole face started turning bright red "Im,soooo sorry" he said over and over again "i really didnt mean to do that" he told me turning around not sure of what to do. "Well., you can at least give me your coat because im freezing out here" i told him "Oh yes right, uhm here you go. Again im so sorry i should have been more careful".

Niall's POV

Great first im late then i rip off the girl's shirt with the car door, this first date cant get any worse. Oops i hope i just didnt jinx that. I made a fool out of myself twice already i bet third time will be a charm. "Elly i hope you can forgive me, come on ill take you to my place since you cant exactly go into the restaurant without a shirt, ill let you borrow one of my shirts when we gt to my house" she looked stunned i hope i havent scared her. "That would be great!, i'd also like to see your house and i think its way better because that way there wont be many people and we'll have privacy to talk together" she told me. Well this just started getting better by the minute, not to be rude of course about her shirt happened on accident but even with her wearing my coat she turned me on. No stop niall, control yourself. Dont make things worse i told myself.
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