Secrets kept between Me and You

This movella is about a girl named Elizabeth who goes on the journey of her life looking for fun but will she find love instead? When a suddenly she bumps into a boy while writing in her diary who she was amazed with his beatiful looks, his blonde hair, blue eyes. Oh he was a keeper for sure. Keep on reading to find out what happens next.


1. Adventure Begins

It was a late September night and i thought to myself "oh how i wish my live was filled with adventure." I then decided to call my best friend Jennifer. It rang 3 times, she didnt answer. All of a sudden i heard someone yell my name from outside "Elizabeth hurry up we will be late" said jennifer. "Wow, perfect she's here" i screamed with excitement. Since about a year ago Jennifer and i wanted to go visit the beatiful city of London. Today was that day. We were both going to escape from our parents and fly away to London for the whole year. "Oh my gosh Elly are you sure about this i mean you know into how much trouble we will get ourselves into"!! Jennifer had always called me Elly since we were both little. "Im sure about this trust me, i want to start a new life " i reassured her.
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