Once Upon a Broken Time

Once Upon A Broken Time, there lived a broken girl. Her hair was grey and her knees were knobby and she looked older than the world. And along came an unbroken guy, who could break her heart as well. What will happen after that? Well I'll surely never tell.


2. "Grandma"


 "You have to brush your teeth!"  

"I know, Ma!" Annabelle shouted, yanking a large knot out of her hair.  

She glanced at the clock.   A blur. Alrighty then, she grabbed her glasses and then glanced at the clock. 



Anna winced as she brushed another not out of her black bedhead hair quickly.  

It just didn't settle right.  

"Annabelle pick up the pace!" Her mother's voice trailed from inside.  

"My hair is terrible!"  

"Throw it up in a ponytail!" was her mother's suggestion for everything hairwise.  

Annabelle pulled her hair up, holding the red scrunchie with her teeth.  

She inspected her high ponytail after tying it twice.  

Annabelle turned around in the mirror, craning her neck to see over her shoulder.  

The bottom of her hair, where most girls liked to dye it red or blue or something of the sort, was a silvery grey.  

She took out her ponytail with a frustrated huff and shook out her what-seemed-to-be-black-from-the-top hair.  

She decided to neatly tie her grey bandana so that it held her hair out of her face, taking an extra few minutes to make sure that most of her grey hair wasn't visible.  

Annabelle rushed into the bathroom, her shaky fingers trying to brush her teeth as fast as possible.   

She sighed at the sight of her in the bathroom mirror, where there was much better lighting.  

Anna applied a bit more makeup to conceal the bags under her eyes.  

She flattened out her nice little outfit, a grey dress with a black bow at the waist, topped with a long-sleeved black cardigan, making sure the sleeves were pulled as far down as possible.  

There was a continuous series of bangs on the bathroom door, causing Annabelle to jump. "Come on! Let me in!" Annabelle's older sister shouted above her knocking.  

"Hold on a second!"   

Wait, what was she going to do? Annabelle forgot.  

Welcome to the broken life of Annabelle Simmons. Grey hair. Forgetting things.  

Typical morning.  


"Alright I'm coming out!" She quit on trying to remember and opened the door.  

Her sister came bursting through the door, her bangs a mess and her layered hair messy.   Annabelle had always envied her sister's hair. Not just after hers started greying, but Alice's hazel brown hair and perfect bouncy bangs was always just nicer than plain black to Annabelle.  

"Who woke the bride of Frankenstein?" Annabelle teased.  

"Watch it, grandma." Alice shot Annabelle a look.   

Her green eyes weren't piercing. They were rather dull. But when Alice pulled that look, she made them look scarier than if they were bright - they looked dark and threatening, evil to Annabelle.  


Their mother, Anne, scolded from the kitchen.  

Annabelle didn't mind the comment really, but her mother seemed to be more sensitive about Annabelle's "problem" than she was.  

Alice just rolled her eyes, slamming the door in Annabelle's face.  

Alice was only a year older than Annabelle, but Annabelle was taller. Even though just by a centimeter.   Annabelle walked outside and collected her things in her red clutch.  

"Uhp, look who's here early," Anne Simmons looked through the kitchen window into the street.   Annabelle followed her gaze. A single, extremely dark blue van sped up the street, parking at a short stop in front of the house.  

"Ma, I don't think that's them."  

Annabelle checked the clock, 8:28.  

They were coming at 9:30.  

Alice rushed out of the bathroom, nearly knocking into Annabelle as she skidded to a stop.  

Alice's gaze was also glued to the van. She shook her head slightly, "No. That's them."  

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