Once Upon a Broken Time

Once Upon A Broken Time, there lived a broken girl. Her hair was grey and her knees were knobby and she looked older than the world. And along came an unbroken guy, who could break her heart as well. What will happen after that? Well I'll surely never tell.


1. WAIT!


Before you start, allow muah to explain.  

Annabelle Simmons.  

Some call her Anna. Some call her Belle.  

Some call her the girl with that problem.  

Annabelle has a disease.  

Known as Lamungaria.  

Where she ages faster than she's supposed to.  

Much faster.  

Which means she will die faster.  

But she just wants to be a normal teenage girl.  

Since she can't have that through the Make A Wish Foundation, she wishes for something else.   The most normal boys she can find.   Ladies and gentleman, One Direction.  

And these boys take a liking to this broken girl.  

And they make a book (with a broken cover). A scrapbook.   A scrapbook-journal.  

It holds lots for Annabelle.  

Now these boys have taken an interest in Annabelle. {Including one in particular if you know what I mean *wink wink, nudge nudge*}   

All seems nice. And cheery.  

But Annabelle's disease surely will get in the way.  

Big time.  

----- Please note that Lamungaria is NOT a real disease and that I made it up with my wonderful mind. (:  

So read on.  

Not all fairytales are the same.  


This one is a bit broken.    



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