Forever seems to be the Hardest Word (Harry Styles Love Story)x

Charlotte is now twenty and goes to her old school reunion. When there she just happens to bump into a few familiar faces. Will this change her life forever. The story will tell you everything that happened before and after the Reunion.

You can have everything in the world , everything that you have ever worked for. But what's the point when the person who helped you reached it , isn’t there to share it with you.


2. Nando's waiter boy


Monday 22nd June 2007


“Charlotte, Up!”  My mum commanded as she stepped through the piles of clothes and CD’s lying on my floor. “First day of school” She clapped her hands cheerfully before disappearing down stairs. “Great another year of stupid school” I sighed getting up out of bed. I pulled my brown hair into a lose bun and started humming the tunes of my favourite songs. Tiredly, I strolled over to my wardrobe and peered in.

Skirt, vest top and Converse. Nope, too slutly.  Trousers? I got a pair and held them to my hips. Perfect! Quickly I changed into them and threw a t-shirt over the top. Not too bad for the first day back at school, If I do say so myself. In the middle of putting on a slight touch of makeup I heard my phone ringtone go off. I grabbed my phone off the bed beside me and opened the message.

Char , remember first day back at school don’t be late ! – Leah .

God she sounded like my mother. I laughed and locked my phone putting it in my breast pocket. Satisfied with my outfit I danced along the hall and into the kitchen. Where my mum had set out some breakfast.

I took a seat next to her at the table and took a bite out of a piece of toast slowly. I don’t normally have breakfast before school but today is different. By eating breakfast it increases the time I’m at home and not at school. You probably think that I hate school, right? Well I don’t hate it just really dislike it. I would like it if they just made us come in later instead of 8 a.m. every single morning. If you haven’t guessed already , I’m not a morning person.


The halls were abuzz with first day of school energy. Students were joking with each other and catching up on all the summer break gossip. This in my opinion always ends up in fights, heart breaks or broken friendships.

I sighed throwing my new books and stationary inside my empty locker. Once I had finished I closed the locker shut and the overhead bell went off. Groaning I started to walk towards my lesson. The hall ways went from crowded to empty in a matter of seconds. Students in my class entered the room and I followed shortly after. Our teacher was positioned at the front of the class. I stood behind my seat at the back of the class next to my best friend Leah. She smiled at me and we both seated.

Class went slowly at the start but then got better as we got to work and could talk within our friends. Everyone moved so that they were in their ‘Group’ of friends. I and Leah remained where we were but 3 of our good friends came and sat around us. Liam, Harry and Niall.

We greeted each other like we normally do with friendly hugs and handshakes. This is why I love a lot of my classes. Because I get to spend them talking with my peeps.


School finished and we all went Nandos to catch a bite to eat. We all love it their because its where we meet up with two of our other friends. Louis and Zayn. Niall loves it there especially because he loves food, persically chicken.

 We took a booth at the back of the restaurant. I sat between Liam and zayn. You may think that it would be awkward 5 boys and only two girls. But honestly it’s not. I’ve known these boys pretty much all my life and they are more like Brothers to me. We’ll all except harry of course.

Don’t get me wrong I love harry as a friend. The thing I think you should know though is that two years ago me and harry dated. We lasted for about 5 months and I thought I loved him dearly. But I guess I fell to deep and one day at a party I found him kissing my cousin. I was devastated and he really broke my heart. It’s hard to fix a girls heart you know?

The good thing is though is that we are still friends and it’s not as weird as i thought being around him. In some situations I wonder what I would do without him being here and if I hadn’t forgiven him. It was a risk I had to take. A risk that now I don’t know what my life would be like if I hadn’t taken it.


“Hello can I take your orders please” I snapped out of my trance and looked up. Just like always there was a waiter standing there. Although normally the waiter is quite old and not that good looking. In this case he was very handsome and about our age.

I watched him as his bit his lip writing down the orders. “Char!” I heard my name be shouted and I came out of my trance. Everyone was looking at me confused but the waiter was smiling. “Sorry what ?” I asked. I laughed as Leah rolled her eyes. She always knew when I liked a boy and in this case she had figured out my little crush on the waiter.

“What do you want to eat” The waiter asked in his soft voice. I got lost in a trance again so Leah spoke up for me.

“She will have the parmesan chicken and your number please” He chuckled and handed me a piece of paper with his number on. I blushed taking it. He walked off and everyone started laughing.

“Well he was-“ Louis started” A dick” Harry spat. I glared at him and he huffed. Ever since I broke up with harry he has been extremely jealous whenever I got close to another boy besides in our group.

“I was going to say interesting” Louis answered receiving nods from everyone in the group.

“Yeah for now!” Harry mumbled.

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