Forever seems to be the Hardest Word (Harry Styles Love Story)x

Charlotte is now twenty and goes to her old school reunion. When there she just happens to bump into a few familiar faces. Will this change her life forever. The story will tell you everything that happened before and after the Reunion.

You can have everything in the world , everything that you have ever worked for. But what's the point when the person who helped you reached it , isn’t there to share it with you.


4. Movie Night


Tuesday  23rd of June 2007


The next day was kind of weird. I spend the whole day every day with my best friends. The thing they don’t know is that I am secretly having ‘make out’ sessions with my other best friend. That sounds confusing I know.

At first the guys loved me and harry together in a relationship but when he cheated on me they all turned on him. They hated him and so did I, at the time. Now what will they think of me. They stuck up for me and now I’m going to blow it back in their faces. What kind of friend does that?


The guys came to mine after school and we decided to watch a few movies. Mum and dad said they could while they went out. My parents are friends will all their parents and trust the boys 100%. They actually treat them like there second lot of kids.

We all sat in the sitting room. I lay with my back on the couch with harry on my left and Leah on my right. Liam and Zayn on one couch. That leaves Louis and Niall on the other couch. We normally sat in these positions so there isn’t a way they would suspect anything between me and harry. Hopefully.

Louis put the movie ‘Last song’ into the music player and we started to watch the movie. Half way through I saw the boys get slightly bored. I knew that would happen because is chick flick. Niall pretended to yawn and we all laughed.

“What should we watch instead then?” I asked,

“Titanic” Harry asked and received nods from the others.

“Isn’t that more of chick flick” I laughed

“Yeah but they die and –“Louis got cut off by harry “And rose and jack are perfect together”

I smiled at harry and felt like hugging him. The way he said that was so cute. He wasn’t scared of saying it in front of his friends or scared of sounding to girly. Luckily the boys didn’t suspect anything and just nodded at what harry said.

Once again Louis put the movie in and we all got comfortable as it started.

This time as it reached half way through the movie from what I could see everyone had fallen asleep. I looked to my left and found Leah was asleep, then behind me the four boys were asleep. Next I turned to Harry. But instead of finding him asleep he was fully awake and grinning at me. He pouted his lips and leant forward. No one could see so why not.

Our lips connected and just like yesterday I felt sparks. The kiss started off slow and small but then I felt harry run is tongue along on my bottom lip for an entrance. To tease him I declined. He then licked again and I did the same. Obviously this teased him a lot because he decided to bite my bottom lip. I got such a shock that I opened my mouth which made him an entrance.

We kissed for a while and didn’t really care about the sleeping people. Suddenly I heard someone clear there throat. Me and harry pulled away immediately. We looked around to find zayn staring at us with wide eyes. He wasn’t impressed because he had his arms crossed.

“Zayn we can explain just don’t tell the others” I Beg,

“Go on explain . . .” He trailed off unfolding his arms,

“Well me and Harry kissed yesterday. I didn’t want to be a couple because of the last time but realised I still missed his kisses. So we made it friends with benefits” I finished off and examined zayns face. I could tell he wasn’t happy but he didn’t really have a choice. I just didn’t want him to tell the boys.

“Okay but Harry if you do anything I swear your dead!” Zayn warned and harry nodded. He looked slightly scared which made me interrupt into laughter causing everyone to wake up.

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