Forever seems to be the Hardest Word (Harry Styles Love Story)x

Charlotte is now twenty and goes to her old school reunion. When there she just happens to bump into a few familiar faces. Will this change her life forever. The story will tell you everything that happened before and after the Reunion.

You can have everything in the world , everything that you have ever worked for. But what's the point when the person who helped you reached it , isn’t there to share it with you.


3. Friends with Benefits


Once we had all eaten we paid for the meals and started to walk out. Throughout the whole meal harry wasn’t himself. When the waiter came over he was like he always is when another boy is around me, moody and jealous. Normally this only lasts for about 5 minutes. Although this time he kept the same horrible attitude and I am determined to confront him and ask him what his problem is.

Harry had his hands in his pocket with his hood up .he wasn’t walking with us but instead he was walking way ahead of us. Leah and the others were talking about something daft and I wanted to join in. But harry being so upset was kind of bothering me more than I expected. I turned to Leah.

“Lea do you think Harry’s acting” I say “Weird?”

She takes a minute and looks towards harry who I snow trailing his feet along the cobbled ground.

“I really don’t know but he seems pretty upset” She sighs. I nod not looking away from harry.

“Maybe I should go see what’s up?” I question more towards myself than towards Leah. She nods slightly and I hurry over to harry. Slowly I put my hand on his shoulders. He closes his eyes and shrugs it off. For a minute or so I just walk beside him and see how he responds or if he says anything to me. But nothing just a few low sighs.

Harry is normally happy and laughing. Honestly, seeing him sad makes me sad. He may have cheated on me but I will always love him deep down. How can i not. Those perfectly proportioned curls, bright green sparkling orbs and his husky low tone make him so different from anybody else. What I’m trying to say is that there is no one like harry.

 But do I still want him and trust him?

I got kind of fed up waiting for him to talk when I knew he wasn’t going to so I made conversation starter. “Harry what’s wrong” I questioned.

“Nothing” He lied, I shook my head at him being stubborn. He sighed once again and started to walk in a different direction. Leah and the other looked at me confused. I shrugged my shoulder and followed harry while the other continued to walk home.

“Harry wait!!” I shouted after him as he started to pick up speed towards a forest. It was dark and I really didn’t want to go in without someone next to me but I took that chance and walked in.

“Stop following me” He exclaimed looking back at me.

“Tell me what’s wrong then”  I shouted back at him. He turned around fully and started to walk back towards me. I froze waiting for him to come, I wasn’t scared for what he was going to do because I know harry isn’t like that.

“You!” He said pliantly, I gave him a confused look and he shook his head again. ”God you don’t get it” He exclaimed throwing his hands in the air.

“What did I do harry tell me “I held onto his wrist making him look me in the eyes. A few tears slide down his cheek and I wanted now more than ever to know what was wrong, what I did to him.

Suddenly I felt his soft lips crash onto mine. I really didn’t know how to respond at first but then I realised how much I had missed his kisses. His lips were warm and soft. He wasn’t a rough kisser more of a caring, kind one.  He was about to pull away but I put my hands around his neck pulling him closer. I was starting to lose my breath but I didn’t care I have to admit I wanted that kiss for a while and it was just how I remember it. Perfect and Fireworks.

We pulled away and rested our foreheads together. We were both trying to catch our breath. He was grinning massively and I couldn’t help but smile to. My only problem about that kiss was that he may have kissed me thinking I had fully forgiven him and he wanted me to be his girlfriend again. I’m just not sure I’m ready for another relationship.

“Harry how do I know you can trust you again” I asked biting my lip. I could tell he felt extremely guilty as he wasn’t sure what to say.

“You can though” He answered holding me close again. I pushed him away slowly and ran a hand through my hair.

“It won’t work” I gave him my sorry eyes and started to walk away. I heard him sigh and I felt a hand on my shoulder turning me around. I couldn’t look him in the eyes so I looked at the floor.

“We don’t have to be together just friends” He says “With benefits” I sighed looking up at him. He gave me a small hopeful smile. Slowly I pecked his lips agreeing. As much as I didn’t trust him that kiss brought everything back and why I was with him in the first place. But one thing was for sure I didn’t want to fall to hard. Just in case my heart was ripped apart again.


Friends with benefits . . .

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