Forever seems to be the Hardest Word (Harry Styles Love Story)x

Charlotte is now twenty and goes to her old school reunion. When there she just happens to bump into a few familiar faces. Will this change her life forever. The story will tell you everything that happened before and after the Reunion.

You can have everything in the world , everything that you have ever worked for. But what's the point when the person who helped you reached it , isn’t there to share it with you.


1. Prologue


Five years, can it really be that long? I stare at the invitation:


Friends Reunited

Cheshire Manor High School

Holmes Chapel

Monday 18th January 2012


Yes, that’s how long it is since I fell in love with Harry Styles, five years. I button my shirt up in front of the mirror and the time melts away. We were thirteen when I fell for him- Suddenly and completely. Two things were in my way of reaching him. First one being his adoration of Danielle Jones and second was his career, singing to be precise.

I tie my hair up in a high pony tail and look at myself in the mirror. Not Bad. My hairs darker and I’ve lost some weight.. I’m no longer the fat, blonde kid. I slip the invitation into my breast pocket of my dress. I hope into my car and head for the A19.

5 years. Where does it go? For starters, I’ve got myself a career. A professional photographer signed by Lucas Andrews. The man himself came to me and offered me the job. Ever since I’ve been doing regional completions and music video shoots. Holmes chapel got boring so i invested in a nice London apartment.

I pull out of the last lane on the A19 and turn off at the Cheshire Manor sports canter. My hearts starts getting faster and is some felling like it’s going to come out of my chest. There it is, Cheshire Manor High School.  I pull into the car park, lock the car and wonder into the school hall. As I walk through the hall I bump into a few familiar faces. First one being my good friend Leah Thirwell.

“Leah” I say “Wow your looking great”

“Omg Charlotte “She says” Is that you”

“It sure is” I answer with a grin.

“I heard you got signed by Lucas Andrews” I nod slightly,

“And you I mean you got signed  by Louis Walsh” She blushes as I nudge her shoulder with my fist. Leah is talented full stop. She can sing , dance , act .Plus she’s incredibly pretty. What more could you ask for when it comes down to be being a performer?

My eyes stray to the door. ”Is he going to be here” She says, I turn to face her once again and gave her a slightly confused look. But I already knew who she was going to say. After all she was my best friend back then , I told her everything.

“Come on Char we all know you had a ‘Thing’ with harry back then. Didn’t you ever consider that he would be here?” I look away trying to avoid the subject. The truth is that I did think about harry. I thought about him a lot actually. I promised myself never to think about him again but you can never push love aside. Crushes maybe but love , never.

Leah Looks around “ Five years, eh?”

“Yes five long years” I sigh” Just wish I could go back to it all”

“You’re not the only one” Leah sighed

You can have everything in the world , everything that you have ever worked  for. But whats the point when the person who helped you reached it , isn’t there to share it with you.

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