"I took a breath, and fasten the belt on my waist. Now i was on my way from this messy , little city to a new life in London"
Bella Nillas, 19 years old. Going away from a messy, little 'nothing' city from Poland to start a new life in London as a designer, a girl with long, red curly hair with yellow dip dye down to her waist, blue like sea eyes with a bit of purple, so unusual eyes. She only have a bag, handbag, iPhone and a piece of paper with a adress to her aunt Anne, that she hope is still living there..
"Let's start with a new life, this is a new beginning of my London-Life"
"LET'S GO!" - Bella


1. This isn't my happy day...

I took a breath, and fasten the belt on my waist. Now i was on my way from this messy , little city to a new life in London. I fell the plane move and a minute later i was in the air, like you know I'm comming from a little 'nothing' city called "Kania" i have spend 15 yeart of my life there, the rest I've spend in Spania, It explain my aftername 'Nillas' you said it like 'Nijas', my dad was spanish and mom polish, both died when i was 14 years old in a car crash, since then I've life on my own. But now I start a new life in London. I took up a old piece of paper with an adress on, it was to my aunt Anne, I hope she still living there, if not it's be noot good. I took up my iPhone with headphones and start a song that wasgoing on radio, I'm not that type of 'music' person, but i can play guitar and i loveto listen to music but i totally don't know whos 'trending' at the moment, and i absolute don't care i listen to my own music. I took up my book, and some pencils and start to sketch a new project, this time it was on a boy, it was a white t-shirt and on it a baseball-jacket and a pair of beige trousers, that was tighter up from down, my projects was good, but they were never perfect and they never be. I start to paint on the project and then i fall asleep. I was woken by a stewardess, she said that we are in London now. When i was ready and have picked up my bag i took a taxi and gace the man my old piece of paper, he was a young maybe 20 old, boy with blonde hair and brown eyes, later he sais he's named Josh, he was a really fun boy we talked all the way to right adress, for every minute i was closer to my new home, i was so happy, excited and hoped that she was still living there after all those years. I got out from the taxi, paid Josh got my bag and turnd around, i saw a really big beige/white/grey willa, the only thing i could say was a quiet "wow" so now it's all matter, i knew that my aunt has a son, he was at the same age what's me named Harry, and he was a doctor, hahah so cute. I stand on the front of door, and pressed the doorbell, i heard a loud sound and someone scream inside there, then i saw the door opened, in the door stood a boy shirtless, taned, in darkred trousers with curly hair like mine and a sweet diamondgreen eyes, M: Ymmmm.. Hello! I said with a weak smile, Boy: Hey, I'm Harry! He said with a big smile, then i fell a bit better hopefully because he's name was Harry, H: Ymm.. you wanna came in or just stood there? I woke up from my thinking and got in, the house was sooooo big, on a yellow/beige sofa a saw 4 boys watching tv, 3 of them was skirtless without a brownhaired boy with a bit curly hair, H: sooo.. what are you doing here, beauty? M: Ymm, I'm so sorry, i think i have the wrong adress, ymm.. Henry right? H: hahah, noo Harry, beauty. M: can i please borrow the phone? H: ym.. yes, sure. you can take mine. I took he's iPhone and pressed the correct number that was wrote on my left hand, I left Harry and get away a bit, after 3 plingplong someone answer and i heard my dad brotther's voice, uh.. i think. M: Hello Alejandro! I have a big problem you know.. I've come to the right adress I've got but it's living 5 boyd here.. A: oh, gosh. i was thinking she's still living there, so sorry, bell! M: no don't be sorry, i just have to find some place i can live in and everything be okay.. A: okey, Bell if something's wrong you can call me, i wish you good luck! M: Thank you Alejandro, i hope u luck will help me, because it's the only thing i have left, Iäm like forever alone here in London... A: haha, it's not so bad! it's gonna be better i promise you, love you! M: Love you too, Alex! I canceled the call and turnd around i scream loud and then calmed down, a boy with brown hair, and red trousers stood in front of me. M: what the hell are you doing? Boy: Ymm, I'm Louis! M: oh, okey but you still don't explained to me what u were doing here? Lou: baby, you are in my house right now, I should be asking you whar are you doing here..? M: I was just... I... I... I borrow the phone, like you see.. i feel a bit counfused, what should i do now? i don't have someone i can go to right now... Lo: Is evertyhing right, beauty? M: yes, it is! i gave him a fake smile and try to go beside him back to Harry, but he don't let me do that. Lou: Oh, stop lying, i heard you talk to that ymm... ymmh.. Alejandro! M: then you know... i said and look at my high heels red shoes. Lou: Okey, beauty listen to me now! You can stay here, we have an extra room if you wan't to sleep somewhere. M: I'm sorry but i can't.. Lou: choose between that or outside in the park or something.... M: I choose the park! I left Louis and gave back Harrys iPhone to him, M: Thanks, ymm.. and goodbye! I said and get out fast before Louis came, i don't wanna do some problem to them, and i don't even know them... I have no idea of where i should go now, so i took my bag and got my ass to the park, it wasn't so hard to find because it was opposite the house.. I lay down on a a dark bench and lay down my iPhone in my bra so no one could took it, I was in London..  I took my jacket and took it like a blanket because it was cold outside.. The next day i woke up in a light green/blue room in a biiiiig bed, it was not cold anymore and i loved that bed it was convenient, I sat up and saw that all my clothes was laying in a light beige closed, my underwear too.. woops, i smile too my self, but i have no idea of were i was right now. I got up from the bed, took a new fresh clothes and get to the bedroom and get a bit fresh-up, i sat up my loooong hair in a messy bun, but it was on they way to gey out.. i took of my makeup and wear a pair of tight red jeans and short top that was showing my stomach, my top was white with a ' I WANT YOU' text. I go out from that room and saw stairs, i got down and saw 2 boys looking at the tv, one blond and one dark/black haired boy, when i walked down they start to stare at me, M: what are you looking at? do i look so bad? i asked in thei faces. Blondboy: noo, you.. you just, goodmorning! Oh, I'm Niall! M: Oh, yea morning Niall! I smiled to him and turnd my look on that dark/black haired boy, Blackhairedboy: Oh, morning beauty, I'm Zayn, Zayn Malik. He gave me a beauty smile, and i was just on my way to die, literally his eyes was so so so soo beautiful, and that smile, goshhh.. STOP, you don't know him. I shake my had and smile at Zayn. Z: you can take something to eat we have done pancaces they are in the kitchen, there! He show me with his hans, i gace him a smile and was on my wasy to the kitchen when i heard Niall, N: ymm.. hehe, they are no pancaces there.. he said sadly.. Z: WHAT?! have you eat them? they were, she's not your's! M: CALM DOWN, it's okey. I'm not a little girl i can make me a breakfast, calm down badboy. N: Thank you, love! M: you'r welcome, Nelly right? i said a bit confused.. N: HAHAHAHHAHAHA, Z: no he's Niall, baby! M: Oh, i knew that... i was just looking if you knew it too.. Z: yea, sure... of course you did... I pick yout my tongue to Zayn and got ym ass to the kitchen, i took 6 eggs and began to fry them, when i was realy Niall walked in with a big smile on his lips, M: it's 3 eggs left to you. I sais with a smile and get out to the tv-room and sat next to Zayn, then a new boy walken in the room, he had a cute a littlebit messy/curly hair Boy: Oh, you are... ymm.. that girl. I'm Liam nice too meet you! M: Morning Liam! I said and gave him a soft smile, he gave me a smile back and walket to the kitchen! And then Louis and Harry get in the room, Louis threw him self on me, hug me tight and shout Lou: YOU'R HEEEEEEEERE! M: like you see, btw, what i am doing in ur house? i asked totally confused. Lou: living here, i knew that you were in the park, and i couldn't let a beauty girl like you lseep on a bench in park, are you crazy girl? now are you leaving with as, and you must stay here 6 months then you can move from us. M: oh, thank you it was so nice of you, i really wanna stay but i don't wanna to make you a lot of problem, and i can't pay you for this or gine you anything for this.. Li: you don't have to. you have gave us that many people outside there dont did, you accept us for us.. M: It's so nice of you, thank you boys, you seriously safe my life! But why shouldn't i don't accept you for you? hahahah.. H: oh, please stop lying. you must know us!! HAAHAHHAHA.. M: I'm so sorry, Hazzy.. no i mean Harry, but i don't know you.. everyone lokked at me like i've killed someone, M: stop too lokk at me like that, i don't killed someone.! i said, and start to laugh and so did boys, N: so you know One Direction? M: HAHAHHAHAHA, oh it's a boysband with some boys singing a stupid text's and every girl be crazy in them, ye i've heard about them.. Lou: Ymm.. sorry, love but we are ONE DIRECTION!!!! My eyes become big like thiiiiiiiiiiiis, and i just stared at them..m: oh, ymm.. that's nice.. Z: and you don't gonna say something like 'oh, sorry i did't mean that' or sometning? M: HAHAH, are you kidding me? Zayn if i say something i mean it, and i never regret something that i've said, only if i only sai i do, and it's not ofter, i always say what i think, about paople, and thing, it's just the way i am, i'm not afraid to tell the world my opinon. Z: WOW... i'm proud of you girl... M: ye, danke skön! N: you speak German? M: haha, a bit, lol... H: what language you speak? M: hmm... english, polish, spanish, french and a bit german! :D H: wow, talanted, girl. M: always! Li: but, wait.. wait... wait... i am the only one that don't know you'r name? N&H&L&Z: noo... M: heheh, i must go now.. Lou: oh, nooo you stay here, baby! m: fuck my life. i whispered for my self, Z: SURE, I CAN DO THAT!! M: fuck off. Zayn just smiled, and start to tickle me, M: STOOOOOP, SOP... HAHA,,... STOOPP.. UR... HAHAHAH BIATCH.. HAHA... OKEY... JUST STOOP... AHHA...  Zayn stop to tickle me, andand he hug me tight, so i have no way out, Harry stand in front of me, H: now, tell us you'r name! M: nooway, babe! H: you have 3sec to tell us ur name, if not you must kiss Zayn, M: WHAAAAAAAAT?! H: 2.... 1..... M: okey, i do. just shut the fuck up. H: oh, darling, look at ur words, remember that u are living in my house, N: HEY! H: our, hause! M: It start's withh.... B! :D Li: Bella Nillas, M: HOW THE FUCK DID YOU? Then Liam took up my project book, and on the front site it was my name.. fuck. Lou: OH.... it's that a daiary, let meee seeee.... M:NOOOO, LOUIS STOP! NO.! Louis took the book and smile evil at me, M: Zayn, i want to go, let me go, NOW.! Z: noo, way, beauty! I turnd around to him, kiss him on the lips and try to get away Z: oh, girl i'm not so stupid, but you pretty good at kissing ;) M: F.M.L. Louis was on the wasy to open the book and still smiling M: Louis, love. if you open that book i will fucking kill u when u sleeping! i said slowly with an happy voice, Louis opened the book and hes look like he saw porn there or something,Zayn let me go, and all of the boys where looking on my projects right now.. i took the book out from Louis hand and get back to my room, i  wasn't angry i just wanna play with them.. (a)

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