"I took a breath, and fasten the belt on my waist. Now i was on my way from this messy , little city to a new life in London"
Bella Nillas, 19 years old. Going away from a messy, little 'nothing' city from Poland to start a new life in London as a designer, a girl with long, red curly hair with yellow dip dye down to her waist, blue like sea eyes with a bit of purple, so unusual eyes. She only have a bag, handbag, iPhone and a piece of paper with a adress to her aunt Anne, that she hope is still living there..
"Let's start with a new life, this is a new beginning of my London-Life"
"LET'S GO!" - Bella


2. my new job.. ♥

I heard someone get up on the stairs, i just sat on the bed and was sketch a new project, it was same as at the last, it was a boy i sketch a shirt with an red/orange/yellow colors, a pair of darkblue tight jeans and a pair of nice sneakers, with a lot of text's on, i really liked it, it was awesome! I was so in, in my project so i didn't notice that Niall sat beside me on the bed, N: They are really good, you should be a designer! M: That's what I'm doing here, Niall! N: We can help you if you wan't! Can i look at these? M: Ymm.. sure, here! i gave my book to him, Niall sat and looked at the book like on food, he really like them, i saw it! N: They are so, good! Do you wan't to be our projektant? M: That would be awesome, bu... N: good, BOYS WE HAVE A NEW PROJEKTANT! A minute after all the boys were in my room and was so happy for me, bevause i sayid 'yes', Li: You can seriously feel like home, this is ur new home so please be ur self around us! H: Liam is 120% right, Bella! M: Danke, of course I'm always my self but it's ur problems if u be scared! Lou: haha i don't think it's soo bad, you look normal! M: HAHAHHAHA, me normal? yea, u right..NOT! N: hahah, u sound soooooo normal... M: i know :D The whole day we sat and watch film, at the evening we start 'Paranormal Activity 2' it was so great, the boys though i be scared, they're so stupid, haha but cute! In the middle of the film i feel Harry a bit behind me, M: Harry, are you seriously afraid? H: yes, i do. can you please hug me..? pleeeeaasse? M: yymm.. Lou; SUPERMAN IS HERE! I start to laugh then i get up and take a site beside Zayn, and Lou sat beside Hazzy and hug him, yes i say Hazzy.. it's a normal thing. Niall took so much place so i was on my way to sit on Zayn's knee, M: NIALL, can you move ur as please, I'm gonna sit on Zayn's knee soon.. N: oh, sorry.. Z: It's okey for me! :D M: HA-HA... -.-' After the film i got back to my room, and i slowly fall asleep. The next morning when i woke up i fell the sun on my face, the time was only 8:14 wow, soo early and i'm already awake, shit. I took a shower, and put makeup on my face, and like home i get down in my pink underwear, i start to do pancaces, when they was frying i go to the mp3 and start the music, 'Move Like Jagger - Marron5' and took the volume 100% up, on that time i wasn't thinking of boys, i feel like home, i stood and dancing in the kitchen while i was doing pancaces, when the soundtrack was ready i heard a lot of laugh behind me, i turn around and saw all the boys in door stood and laugh at me, M: gosh, you are terrible. you could say that you were there.. -.-' H: Aww, sexi underwear, Bell! M: Shut up, Styles. You got pancaces here, and ymm.. yea.. Z: do you gonna dance like that, every morning? M: you said, i should feel like home! Lou: gosh, heaven for you zayn, to see you everymorning dancing in underwear, H: heaven for us. M: yymm.. i don't heard that. I got my ass to my room, and change to a bikini and get to the pool, when i got down allthe boyd were looked at me like i've killed someone again.. M: seriously, stop looking at me like that.!! -.-' Lou: Like, whaaaat? :D M: Like if i killed someone..! N: oh.. sorry... Li&lou&H: me too.. z: not meeee! M: fuck off. :) 

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