Is This Truly Happening?

I go stay at my Grandmas in Wyoming and expect nothing but bordom and then my summer gets a REAL kick!


2. Bordom never lasts

I made it to the plane and the ride took forever I was visiting Manhattan and I lived in Ireland, I wasn't born there though! So when I got there I knew I would be bored, at first I figured out. So I said hello to my grandmother and she freaked out since its been forever. Then I decided to take a look around Manhattan I went shopping looked at jewelry stores and all that stuff! Then as I was about to go home I got a text from grandma (gosh I hate old people and texting) it said going out sorry dear won't be back for a month or so I left all my money for you have a great summer dear!
I wasn't going to freak since I like being home alone, so as I was driving home I got stopped in traffic "great" I thought to myself then all of a sudden,
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