Love Thats Ment To Be ?


9. Chapter 9

Jocelyns pov
I wake up and look at my phone , its the first time i turn it on since i left the cinema . I have about 20 missed calls from my dad aubrey and alex . I wont call any of them back ! I began to read a book that i found on the desk . I starts to read for about half an hour and then hear knocking on my door , " come on in"! I said . Its Harry " hey" he said " hi whats up?" i asked sitting up. " well i was wondering if you wanted to hang out tonight ?" he said sheepishly . " like on a date?!" i asked him foolishly . " no no just to go eat dinner. " he said " yes id love to Harry" i told him.
later that day

I am gettig ready for Harry's " date" he invited me on i just finished taking a shower and i dry my hair and put my dress on , then my heels . I curled my hair ,Then i walked into the bathroom finding some makeup Gemma left so i decided to put some on , some light eye shadow , eye liner and a tad mascara . " hun are you ready Harry is downstairs." anne said " yeah one second " i said. I walked out and Anne was telling Harry i was comming then i walked down the stairs slowly , like in one of those princess movies , i could see Harry was amazed , and so was Anne . I finished walking down the last step and Harry said " you look beautiful" " thank you , you dont look bad yourself" we both laughed and sayed goodbye to Anne and walk out and into Harry's car. We Arrived at the restaurant Harry opened the doors for me . We where asked to be seated and we did so. We ordered our food and waited . " thank you Harry , i honestly have never had someone like you in my life " " your welcome love , i honestly think you deserve all this after all you have been through " " Harry , but you don't have to do that though " " but i want to since the day i found you and got to know you i , .... I like you Jocelyn you are precious , and deserve all of my and my mums love you didnt have that at home ! I feel like i have to have you to be your protector " " Harry -" i began to shed a tear because what he said was lovely , and i had never ever heared someone say that to me and i like him too . He looked at me and put his hand on my cheek and came closer and planted a slight kiss on my lips , i look at his green eyes " i love you Harry " " i love you too Jocelyn and i will never EVER let someone hurt you like your parents have ." i didnt know what to say . As soon as we finished that our food had come and we ate laughing and smiling . As we finished up Harry began to pay for the meal and we walked outside and seen paparazzi thowing questions at Harry and taking pictures Harry just took my had and pulled me around them , how could he deal with this madness ! We arrived at the car and drove home . We arrived and walked inside " Harry im going to go to Robins how and stay there so in the morning we can just go to the airport " Anne said . " alright mum " she had her things packed abd ready to go . " ill be on my way you two " she said and said goodbye and left .
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