Love Thats Ment To Be ?


8. Chapter 8

Harry's pov
Im kind of upset from the arrangement for 3 months . We arrive at home and my mom tells me shes going to take Jocelyn shopping for some cloths and is going to leave before she changes her mind . So im by myself watching a movie on tv . Im kind of sleepy , im kind of thinking of Jocelyn and her features he hair , he lovley eyes and smile shes just everything a guy could ask for i mean just look at her and i like who she is , well i dont know very much about her but just what i do know. And i dose off and fell asleep.

Jocelyn's pov
Anne and i have gone threw about 5 stores and she is not done , i know its for me in all but i don't want to take advantage of her but she refuses . " just this last store , they have goregeous shoes !" she said happily . We walk in and anne and i directly look at the same pair . " those" i stare at them and walk towards them. " these would go great with the dress ! " i said " they would " she ordered them in my size and bought them. We are done she has bought me over 10 shirts and pairs of jeans , shirts and skirts . But she bought me a nice fancy dress for no occasion. I like it . We go towards the car and asks me " what do you think of Harry ?" " he is very bright , polite and generous" i told her , " thanks again Anne i honestly really appriciate it !" i told her smiling . " you're very welcome " she said back and we got in the car and drove off . We soon arrived at Harry's home . We walked in and found Harry asleep on the couch , he looks ADORABLE! " awee little hazza feel asleep" i said and Harry woke up in an instant . " well hello ladies " he said fixing his hair , " do want me to help you take those to your room?" he asked i said sure and both of us walked up stairs into my room and put them on the bed i took off my shoes and went back down Anne was outside making a call while Harry and i where in the kitchen , and suddenly i almost slipped on water but Harry instantly catches me " woah there careful love" he said . " i looked into his lovely eyes and fall into a deep catch . We just stare for a few seconds then we snap out of it when anne comes in the door . " i have something to tell you guys , Robin and I have been planning to go to Hawaii for a week or more and he booked tickets for us to go on sunday. " today is thursday so its in 3 days! " well thats great mum"! " that is great!" i say " so you two will be alone for a few" said anne. We will be fine i think?
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