Love Thats Ment To Be ?


7. Chapter 7

I woke up to a slight nock on the door. I stood up in the bed " come in" it was Harry " did i disrupt your sleep love " he said nervously and feeling bad " OH no Harry you didn't " "oh okay i would have felt bad so anyways my mum and I wanted to know if you'd like to go out and eat some breakfast at my step dad's " " well look at me im not ready " i said to him. Then he walked in in sweat pants and a shirt " neither am I so lets get dressed CHOP CHOP" he said i laughed and he smiled . Then he left the room to go to take a shower. I just realized i didnt have cloths picked out ! I feel stupid , well i ll pick them put when i get out . Well i was done showering and went out in a towel and seen on the bed there was cloths already picked out . Wow these are so cute! So i changed and brushed my hair with a coral coloured brush on the night stand . I walked downstairs and seen Harry just finished changing so we could leave . " good morning dear how did you sleep?" asked Anne " Great , im not so used to having a shower and pretty much a walk in closet in my room my room back home was the right size for a rat. I said " oh really ?" asked Harry " yeah!" i said back at him " ready to go?" asked Anne to both of us " yes " we both replied . We left out of the house and got in a really fancy car and drove off . This house is pretty far from Harry's house . Im really nervous meeting so many new people in less than 3 days . We finally arrived and got out of the car and walked up to the door i walked behind them both.Anne walks in first and them Harry and I . " well hello there " said Harry's stepdad to anne and Harry but didnt see me , untill i closed up the door " well hi there " he said " hi" " this is Jocelyn" " hi im robin" " hello" i said sheepishly . He tells us to sit so we can eat . I sit next to Harry . Robin puts plates infront of us " um where's the bathroom ? " i asked anne and gets up and walks me over .

Harry's pov
My mum came back from showing Jocelyn the bathroom " you've got a good one Harry " says Robin " she's not my girlfriend " i had a small smirk in my face " well you two would look cute " said my mum " mum please don't even think about it " i looked at her seriously . Although she is beautiful i couldnt just like her i barley who she is , but id like to . " get to know her Harry ill take her shopping so you can ask her to dinner " said my mum . Sounds like a good idea but just to make mum happy" sure mum" when we finish talking about Jocelyn she came out of the bathroom.

Jocelyn's pov
" sorry i took so long " i said politly and sat down . " you didnt take to long dear " said Robin " so how old are you ?" asked robin serving me some eggs and bacon. " 17" i said looking at the plate " thats nice , what do you like to do?" he asked sotting down and starting to eat his eggs " erm i like to read and i like photography " . " thats cool do-" " Hon. Stop asking the poor girl so many questions " said anne interupting him. A few minuets passed and Harry's phone rings Sorry i have to take this its Niall. He said and left the room . In mean while i eat more of my eggs . Harry comes back in a serious face " Niall said the break became shorter to 3 months and we have an interveiw this week" he said . " oh dear well that was unexpected" said Anne we continue to eat and finish up and say our goodbyes.
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