Love Thats Ment To Be ?


6. Chapter 6

Harry's Pov.
I say goodbye to my mum and walk out the door . As soon as i walk out i see someone on my curb. I think its a girl , shes crying . "urmm ...... Excuse me miss" i tap her shoulder . She turns and wipes her tears quickly " im sorry im on your property " the teenage girl about my age said . " no no its okay Stand up love," i told her and helped her up " thank you ill be on my way" she said " do you know where you are going ... If you dont mind me asking." " i dont know " she said starting to tear up. " come inside to dry love , you nee it " i told her she probably was up all night in the rain id feel bad if i didnt help her . " okay" she said crying . I showed her to the door , " Mum i have a friend you'd like to meet " " whats your name by the way love?" " jocelyn".. She said . " nice to meet you im Harry" " hi " she said . Shes beautiful even though shes drenching wet . My mom walked to us and was shocked " Oh my , darling why are you all wet?" my mum asked her. " i was walking in the rain last night ma'am." " call me anne " said my mum. " i spotted her sitting on the curb while i was leaving mum , i thought id bring her to dry off a bit and change into a pair of cloths that belonged to Gemma ." i told my mum. " sure dear why not " y mum said smiling to Jocelyn and taking her towards Gemma's old room .

Jocelyn's POV.
" thank you anne i really appriciate it " i told her " your very welcome" she said as she was handing me some sweat pants and an over sized shirt and some socks then she gestured me to the meet harry and i downstairs alright?" Anne said " sure" i told her. I got changed and went downstairs quickly . " hi" said Harry " come sit dear" anne said to me. " so if i may ask , why where you walking in the rain all night?" asked Anne " long story ,.... Well my parents where not very happy together , so they divorced and last night i went to the cinema with a few of my friends so that went horrible with the guy that was my " date" and i got a call from my mum telling me she was leaving so i ran off from the cinema to well here and i didnt want to go home because my father gets abusive and i dont want to go back EVER!. " oh my dear well stay here as long as you want Gemma moved out about a month ago and left some old clothing that didnt fit her and you can stay i her room as long as you feel like dear" " i dont want to take advantage of you " " you wont be dear and i feel kind of bad not having a daughter around ." " well then i guess i will" it was getting late so i dicited to go up to Gemma's old room . I got tucked in and soon fell asleep.
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