Love Thats Ment To Be ?


5. Chapter 5

Its about time Alex said aubrey to her boyfriend. " sorry babe josh took too long!!" said alex " oh hey Jocelyn" said alex " hey" i said gesturing to Alex and josh. " by the way babe you look beautiful " said Alex to Aubrey. Wow this date is going horrible even though where in the car barley . He's rude he didnt say hi, or even complement me , even if i look horrible you should complement me! We arrive at the cinema , what movie are we going to watch asks josh. " horror film " says alex. We walk in the door of the cinema and soon at the ticket counter " two " said alex paying for aubrey's ticket .. Well i hope josh will buy me my ticket at least . " one " said Josh WOW worstdate EVER . " one " i said softly trying to hold in tears. I pay and turn to Josh and give him a dirty look , hes cute but look at the way hes treating me . I walk with them into the theater and i tug at Aubrey " Excuse us " i said to the guys . And give them a slight smile . I rush to the bathroom with her clutched on her wrist " Aubrey this is HORRIBLE " i raise my voice at her . " How " asked aubrey confused " im leaving - " as soon as i couldnt finish my phone rang i picked up " Honey , im leaving now , im sorry im not saying goodbye in person i dont want to see you like this . I love you " i hung up and looked at aubrey with teary eyes then more and more " Bye!!" i rush out the cinema and stoped at the bus stop to change . I threw on sweat pants and a hoodie . When i was out it was pouring cold rain. "great". I thought of stopping somewhere but dicided not to and walked all night and finally found a place to sit , a curb in front of a nice house . I sit there crying my eyes out . I sit there for an hour .
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