Love Thats Ment To Be ?


4. Chapter 4

So its about 3 in the morning and i can't sleep , i keep thinking about Harry . And just Harry , not Louis or Josh. Why Harry? I dont know but i try to sleep and cant. Well since i cant sleep might as well watch some tv . I go to mtv , and start watching the show at the lowest volume i can without waking my parents. And speaking of my parents im worried about them , they fight to an extreme and my mum is tired of my Dad yelling at her . My mum has been saying shes leaving and not saying where . I have a HUGE problem. Who am I going to stay with , my mum who naggs to much and always is a big ass sometimes or i stay with my father who will treat me like crap . I rather stay with my dad because he has a job and will pay for a home , but my mum on the other side only has her check that she gets . So i choose to stay with my dad even though he'll make my life difficult. And before i know it i fall into a deep sleep mode . 
" honey wake up its 1:30 " my mum says . I moan and tell her okay . I jump out of my bed as soon as she leaves . I run to the shower and jump in . When im done i walk to my room to change . I put on a over sized tee and some shorts . Since im to lazy i put my hair in a messy bun with a headband that has some flowers on it . I think i might go eat some lunch with Aubrey at a cuban sandwhich shop , even though im not cuban they make some mean sandwhiches! 
I text aubrey and ask he where she is , and she said shes around the corner so i kick on some glittery silver toms and walk outside without telling my mum. I m walking down the steps as i hear aubrey honk her horn" god shes pushy "! I say i run toward s her car and jump in." so around what time are you comming to help me get ready" i ask Aubrey. " i have my stuff in the back so i dont have to go back home and get ready them come help you " said aubrey. " makes sense " i said and by the time we get to the sandwhich shop its about 4  , the shop is pretty far but its worth it. Aubrey and i walk in and order our food , " ill pay" said Aubrey while i was taking my money out. We go sit at a booth across another booth with 2 guys that where about 18 -19 . Aubrey always wants me to have a boyfriend so everytime she sees a guy she has to make us talk! These guys where kind of creepy they where just stareing at us. " these guys are creeping me out Aubrey" " i know , but thier cute!" " oh my GOD Aubrey"!! aAubrey turns to them and says, " do you guys want something?" she asks rudly " no , no nothing at all !" says one with blonde hair. " okay then then stop eye balling us!" Aubry told them. " SHEESH" says the one with brownish hair. Meanwhile i call my mum. " hello mum?" " im with Aubrey at the sandwhich shop so dont worry about me ill be fine be home in about an hour or so" and i hang up the phone . " can we just leave" said aubrey. " lets go " i said . By the time we get to my house its 6 so Aubrey and i need to hurry to get ready. " MUM where home"! I yell. Shes not here says my dad. " Hi mr gail" aubrey said to my dad , and he waves . Aubrey and i rush to my room to see what kind of shoes im going to wear , " THESE!" yelled out Aubrey pointing out some nude shaded heels . " i never wore these Aubrey". " now you will!" she said. . " okay" 
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