Love Thats Ment To Be ?


3. Chapter 3

So after Harry and Louis left the shop i was really happy to know how it feels to be spoken by a celebrity ! It was awesome ... And when you know hes going to be at your school the in the next 3 days im soooo excited to tell Aubrey ! Jim said if i wanted i could go , but i still had to practice with the items . I guess its fair. I texted aubrey and told her to come pick me up. After waiting for about 20 minuets she arrives and honks her horn. I tell jim bye and leave with the papers . " Hola" she said " how was the first day"? " the BEST EVER " i yell with excitement " you know how you where telling me about a new kid called Harold ?" " uh yeah?" " well its HARRY STYLES"!!! I yelled and she squealed like a little girl ! " oh my GOD" she said " i know " i told her " so can you help me find something to wear for tomorrow "? I asked. " sure how about we go shopping its barely 6 and the mall closes at about 10:30 " ". Plenty of time LETS GO" i yelled . Aubrey starts the engine  and we blast off to the mall
aubrey and i arrive at the mall we rush towards forever 21 . Im lucky i have about 15$ in my pocket ! I told aubrey. " you know when your with me you dont have to pay "! Aubrey said. Aubreys parents give her a credit card so she can spend and not ask for . " alright.." i said we look a round for cute cloths to wear . I see this orange blouse thats ADORABLE . I had to have it . In my size was the last one ! Yes !!! I told Aubrey i wanted the shirt and she said she'll get it for me. After shopping aubrey had about 3 bags with her ! I honestly think she over buys things . We get an ice-cream  and leave the store . I cant wait to try this on ! Im sure it will fit me. Its about 8:45 and i want to get home as fast as i can! We arrive at my house about 9 and i get out of the car and say bye to Aubrey and say thanks for the shirt she bought me. I rush inside and say hi to my parents and run to my room. I take my shirt of and try on the blouse . " wow this is gorgeous "! I say. I take it off and hang it up . Im tired! And i want to sleep . I change my cloths and put on my pjs . I go tell my parents goodnight and get a glass of water , and brush my teeth. As soon as im going to get in my bed i hear my phone ring "UGHHHHH" i grown . I pick it up " hello"? I ask " uhhh hi , its josh are we still going to uhh the movies tomorrow?" uhhh yeah we are ." " okay thats all " and he hangs up.   
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