Love Thats Ment To Be ?


2. Chapter 2

I hear the bell ring at school and all of my classmates  rush out of the room. I walk out last and mean while i run to my locker, I text Aubrey to see if she's taking me to my first day of work . She said she was waiting for me outside. I take my bag and rush out of the school. I find her waiting right in front. " hey " i say while i jump in her car. " Hey so off to work right?" " yup " i said. She starts to drive off. after 5 minuets of driving she says " did you hear theres going to be a new kid in school on monday?" " no do you know who it is?" " Well i know one thing his names' Harold, ha his name sounds like my grandpa's. " Be nice" I said to her im excited to see and meet him.. " Okay here you are , im going to get a coffee " " Okay" i said and we both walk in the door. " Hey Jim" I said to the manager that gave me my job. " Hey! You have to read all these and learn em' " he told me , and i had to learn over 50 things i didn't know working here would be such a drag! " Could i get a caramel hot coffee grande please " says Aubrey " Oh Aubrey ' I tell her and smile at her . I start reading and hear coffee machines running. " Bye Jo see ya' later how about i pick you up? " " Sure ! ill text you okay?" " Kay " she said and walked out sipping her coffee. 


About 2 hours went by and i finished reading all of the types of blends and all of that stuff about 7 times and got all of them how to do them and how to make them. " Ready for your first costomer ?" Jim said,. " Not sure but ill try my best!" " Okay here comes one!" jim said i run and put a starbucks aprine on . I hear the door open with the bells.  2 teenage gusy walks in , I couldnt belive my eyes it was themm ! It couldnt be!  the one n only HARRY STYLES and LOUIS TOMLINSON! Im freaking out what if i make a mistake or something! Im surprised there where not any girls there or else it would be a disaster! " Good evening" says Harry in his british accent " ill have a coffee " said Louis . I don't remember how to make it ! Oh my god... " Jim could you help me out here?" "Sure" He starts making Louis's coffee. " what would you like ?" i said to Harry smileing awkwardly. " Ill have a hot tea " he said smiling. " Right up " i  said making his coffee " you must be new " Harry said " Yeah just started today " I said smiling. " Oh thats really cool, do you go to Gretson ?"  Harry asked " Yes ? Why?" i ask questioning . " Well im going to start there on monday" Harry Said. " Thats great! Ill show you around if you'd like?" i told him hoping he'd say yes. " That will be great!" Harry said excitedly . " well here you go" i pass Harry and Louis their orders. " Thanks alot!" Said Louis " thanks " said Harry with a slight wink in his eye! I nearly die. "Bye " i said. 
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