Love Thats Ment To Be ?


11. Chapter 11

I wake up in Harry's bedroom. I look to see he is asleep and i really dont want to wake him . I get up slowly and want to get some water i put on my slippers and not put them on properly then i run down the stairs then one of my slippers twists and i fall down some stairs . " OWW " i yell in agonising pain. Harry soon came running still pretty much asleep . " BABE "he seen me down on the floor and came down to lift me . " what happend love? Are you hurt ?!" he asked " my ankel it hurts " he took me to the couch and laid me down " tell me if this hurts." he said and was slowly going to touch it " OW ! " " how about we take you to the clinic to get checked out" he carried me into the back seat of the car and soon drove . We arrived and Harry checked in with the woman in the front desked mean while i got checked out . I didnt want to go in alone but i had to. The doctor came in and first thing he said was for an xray to be done . After that he said that my ankel was cracked a little bit not so bad and it would heal soon so they brought Harry in he runs and hugs me " she will be alright she cracked her ankel a bit and we have to cast it up she should be on her feet in less than 2 weeks" said the doctor to Harry which looked at me fightend " ill be alright Hazza"

Harry's pov
Im hoping she will get better before my mum comes because i want to have alone time with her . They got her casted up and ready to go so we left the hospital and went home.Once Jocelyn went to take a nap i called my mum and told her what happend . She wanted to come home , but i knew i could take great care of her . I decide to go up to her room and sleep with her , ill try not to get to close i dont want to hurt such a precious thing. I love her so much i cant express it . I lie down bext to her quietly and softly . I hug her waist but she doesnt wake .
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