Love Thats Ment To Be ?


10. Chapter 10.

Jocelyn's pov
I flicker my eyes open and realized i slept on Harry's shoulder . I get up slowly not trying to wake Harry but i do , " sorry i woke you .." i said sadly. " its alright love i was going to wake anyway" he said smiling and getting up . He went for a kiss on my lips , and i kissed him back. We stood smiling at each other . " how about i cook us some breakfast " i asked . " why not?" he said. I took some pans out . I took 5 eggs and cracked them and put them in a pan and smoothed them out . I. Put bread in the toaster and brough out some bacon " i can smell that bacon even if its not cooked " said Harry from the bathroom I had to laugh i couldnt hold it in! I put the bacon on the pan and soon after everything was made , i put down the plates and silver wear and put the water to a boil for tea. I went to serve Harry but he said " ive got this part babe" " alrighty then" i said and sat down and put my cup of tea next to me and put my plate of eggs and bacon on the side then the toast . Then he sat down . It was quiet for a few minutes till Harry said " what shall we do today ?" He asked . " im not sure its up to you " i said . " how about we .... Ermm... Ahh i know how about we go to the cinema ?" he suggested " erm sure why not " i said smiling .
It was about 5 now and i decide to wear my coralish orange blouse that fits big on me and some shorts , and some black toms . Harry comes to my room and asks if im ready . " yes babe " i said walking down the stairs . I see him and run towards him and hug him like if its been years since ive seen him. He opens his car door for me and then closes it and begins to drive off the movie starts at 8 by the time we get there its going to be at least 7:45 . Said Harry . " we have plenty time " i said with a smile then Harry turns on the radio then " One Thing " plays Harry starts singing like an idiot , hes skrertching his voice and i laughed so hard " HARRY STOP IT you could really hurt your voice like that babe i wouldnt like it if i couldnt hear your lovely voice" i said to him pouting . " oh alright!" he said pulling into the cinema . Harry runs and opens the door for me and we walk in and get our tickets , we walk in the theater and sit al the way on top in the middle . Harry holds my hand while the movie starts.

the movie has finish and Harry and are are headed to eat , its about 10:45 and we arrive st the resturant. Its simple and nice i like it . We go in and seat ourselfts , the waitress asks us for drinks and we order . Harry and I had a long conversation while the food came and we had a long conversastion while we ate it made time pass fast . We finish and pay and head home Harry gets out and picks me up in a bridal position " Harry!" i told him while he takes me upstairs into his bedroom. " i love you " he said " i love you too " i told him. We began to kiss while i laid back on his bed , he brings his hand down to my waist , then he takes his shirt off , then mine . He looks at me and can tell somethings wrong " are you alright ?" " yeah im fine " " if you dont want to do this its fine i dont want to push you into anything" " no no Harry " i said and planted a kiss on his lips . Then we continued he pulled the covers over us .
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