Love Thats Ment To Be ?


1. Chapter 1

So i'm walking down the street , "its chilly out here" i say to myself. I walk into starbucks and go to the cashire and ask the man " i  saw the wanted sign ." " Oh yes you want to apply?" " Yes sir" The man in his mid 30s gave me an application sheet. I start to write ; Name : Jocelyn Gayle . Age : 17  Hair color: Brown. Eye color : Green. ect. After im done with the application I give the man the application . " your hired" he said. " this fast?" i say . " yes , no one has applied in a month!" " wow... when do i start ?" when ever " " Friday afternoon?" " Sure " he said. I walk out of the store hearing the bells ring. I walk across the windy street while stepping in some light wet snow. I stop in an instant and hear a car screetch . " Get in the car!" i hear my best friend Aubrey call. " WHAT THE HELL ? " i yell.   i run and get in the car. " Where are you comming from Jo?" she asks. " i applied at starbucks and got hired." " thats great FREE COFFEE for your best friend?!" " I dont drink coffee , but i guess" I say. I dont know why i applied at starbucks, i only drink tea but their tea is awesome ! " YES!!" Aubrey say clapping her hands. 'Want to come to see a movie with me and Alex? " She said. I hate being single i always go with all my friends and their boyfriends. " I dont know , im tired of going out places with couples. " I tell her agravated. " I can hook you up if you want?" Aubrey is the most popular girl in school , but not one of those who are snotty and annoying , Im not the most popular. " Im not attractive , im not attractive to any guys anyways don't try.  i tell her. " Hold on" She takes her phone out and dials some number. " Hello? Josh?.... Uh yea its Aubrey , do you want to go on a movie date with Jocelyn? okay great saturday at 9." She hangs up the phone. " WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!" i yell. " because you say your unattractive , but your not! your goregeous! your the type of girl guys would kill for!." Yeah right Aubrey . how come i havn't had a first love? " " well i don't know guys are dumb sometimes." " i guess your right?" I tell her ... " Well heres your stop " " okay thanks see you saturday." " see you" she said as i get out of the car and walk to my house.
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