Summer Nights With One Direction

Amy is prepared for a fun filled summer in London with her Mom. Just hours before their flight, Amy's Mom suddenly cancels due to a work emergency, and her best friend, Tessa, offers to come along instead. They plan for lots of exciting adventures during their trip to London that will make this summer the best one yet. But they definitely aren't expecting to spend their amazing summer nights with the boys from One Direction. Throughout the summer, both girls fall in love and experience some incredible things that they never planned. What will happen when they have to return to their noisy hometown in New York, and leave those delightful summer nights (and their new best friends) behind?


9. Mixed Emotions


We spent the rest of the day sitting around the house. Liam and I went out and bought ingredients for ice cream sundaes, and when we got home, Niall was incredibly happy. I wasn't exactly bothered that he had asked Amy on a date, just quite irritated. He'd seen us glance at each other awkwardly, and stare at each other for long periods of time. Everyone knows that those are common signs of affection when you're afraid to tell someone how much you like them! He'd seen it all... I think. I feel like he betrayed me. But I can't let a girl ruin my friendship with Niall, even if she is nice, and adorable, and gives the best kisses like Amy. I mean, its not like I love her. 




I stayed up way later than usual thinking about my date with Niall, and my feelings for Harry. My emotions were so mixed and jumbled that I could barely think or sleep. Was it really a date? Was I really too stupid to realize that?


When I finally got some sleep, I woke up tired and cranky. After washing up, I went downstairs for breakfast. Tessa was the only one awake. She sat at the table with her striped shorts on and a huge shirt, that I assumed belonged to Zayn. "Hey." She mumbled.

"Good morning." I sat across from her and we stared at each other. I grabbed an orange from the bowl in the middle of the table and started peeling it. I popped a piece in my mouth and I heard lots of thumps coming from the stairs. Louis, Harry, and Liam came towards us with happy smiles. I separated another piece from my orange and Harry knelt beside me and opened his mouth. I dropped it in his mouth and he started chewing. Then he and Louis started joking around about something stupid. "What are you two so happy about?"

"And what are you girls so grumpy about?" Louis responded, then paused and looked at the ground, as if searching for something good to say. "Is it that time of the month for you ladies?" I pelted the rest of my orange at him ferociously. He picked it up off of the glossy wooden floor and started eating it.

"Very funny, and no it isn't! You're gross." I snarled. He laughed at me and stuck his head in the fridge. Harry stared at me. "What?" He shuffled over to me and leaned into my ear. 

"I really wanna kiss you right now."

"And why is that?"

"Because it's kinda hot when you're mad." He stood up straight and smiled. I rolled my eyes and looked at the huge clock on the wall. Last night, Niall had told me that we could leave at about 1:00. It was almost 12 now. I sighed and took a sip from Tessa's juice. She seemed weird today. I was afraid to ask why and decided to leave it for later. 

Liam was the only one dressed out of the three boys. After a while of doing nothing, there was a loud noise that came from outside. "Danielle's here. I'll see you later lads! Bye girls!" He walked out and practically slammed the door behind him. It made me jump and I could here him shout "Sorry!" on the other side of the door. I giggled.


Harry moaned loudly and put his head in his hands. "What?" I asked, as I got up from my seat and sat on the couch. He didn't answer. "What?" I repeated.

"You're driving me crazy." I giggled at the funny face he was making.

"How so?"

"Your laugh is so bloody adorable." He joined me on the sofa. He was obviously waiting for me to kiss him, but I kinda wanted him to suffer, so I waited. He leaned closer to my lips and I scooted the the other side of the couch. He seemed aggravated, but I just giggled, which probably drove him crazy. "That's it! You are done!" he laughed hard and stood up, then picked me up and shuffled over to the couch in the fancy living area (where nobody sat). It looked like they'd never even used it before. Tessa couldn't see us, and I didn't think she was planning on spying on us because she's not that type of person, and she's lazy.


Harry slammed me down on the couch and started tickling me. The thing is... I'm not ticklish. Only in specific spots like the back on my thighs and the bottom of my feet. I wasn't laughing and his reaction was hilarious. "What the hell!?! You're not ticklish?" His cute little accent was driving me insane. I loved it, it made me want to attack him with kisses. But I wasn't gonna give in.

"Nope..." Then he moved his fingers down my back and onto the BACK OF MY THIGHS and moved them up and down slowly. I was trying so hard with everything in my being not to laugh. He kept going. I removed his fingers and placed them on my face instead.

"Whats the matter?" He teased. "Did that tickle?" His cold fingers returned and a little giggle escaped from my mouth. "Ahhhh.... So it did." I shook my head. "Now I've got a little weapon against you!" He planted a bunch of big loud kisses on my cheek, kinda like a mom does to a baby. I looked into his eyes and almost melted. I officially understood why girls would cry over such a beautiful face.


I heard footsteps coming, but we didn't break our stare. Then I heard a crash on the floor and looked down to see a what used to be glass cup, scattered all over the floor. I was afraid to look up.  

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