Summer Nights With One Direction

Amy is prepared for a fun filled summer in London with her Mom. Just hours before their flight, Amy's Mom suddenly cancels due to a work emergency, and her best friend, Tessa, offers to come along instead. They plan for lots of exciting adventures during their trip to London that will make this summer the best one yet. But they definitely aren't expecting to spend their amazing summer nights with the boys from One Direction. Throughout the summer, both girls fall in love and experience some incredible things that they never planned. What will happen when they have to return to their noisy hometown in New York, and leave those delightful summer nights (and their new best friends) behind?


10. Lunch WITHOUT Niall & Some New Friends

Tessa looked at me, then at Harry, then back to me. He jumped off of me and helped me up. I cleared my throat and smoothed my ponytail. "I'm gonna go get ready."

"For your... date. With... Niall." she had a little smirk on her face as I walked passed her. She nudged me and chuckled. I walked up the stairs and saw Niall looking at me from the top of the steps.

"Hello cutie." He said with a smile. When I reached the top, I hugged him.

"Hey, I was just gonna go get ready."

"Okay, I'll see you downstairs in 20?" I nodded and walked into my room. I took a really quick shower and put on a yellow sun dress and some brown sandals that matched the brown belt across my upper waist. I placed my hair in a tight ponytail, and my wet brown hair fell down my back. I looked cute... beautiful, almost.


When I got downstairs, Harry told me that Niall was waiting for me in the car. No make-up, I like it." he whispered, just loud enough for me to hear.

"Shit, I forgot." I knew I was forgetting something.

"You look marvelous." He responded. Zayn and Tessa were cleaning up the glass and Zayn had cut his finger, somehow they started making out. I rolled my eyes at them and gave Harry a small smile. "Have fun..." he winked. I nodded slightly and left. 



Amy looked absolutely amazing. When she walked out, the sun was hitting her face perfectly. I was leaning against Zayn's car. He told me I could borrow it, since he owns the nicest one out of them all. She walked up to me and I opened the passenger door for her. We drove to the diner and ordered some burgers. "You look great, Amy."

"Aw, thank you. I didn't exactly know what to wear so I just threw this on."

"Great choice." she blushed a bit and we received our food.


Before I could even pick up my burger, my phone rang. It was my brother. I haven't talked to him in months because we got into a fight a while ago about his new fiance. I'd met her twice and she was kind of slutty, so when I tried telling him that she wasn't the girl for him, he got mad. He'd thought I was judging him when really i was just looking out for him. Amy was sipping her drink when I said, "Can you excuse me for a minute or two?" She pulled the straw away from her lips and I gave her a soft gentle kiss. She looked flabbergasted afterwards, and just nodded. I scurried outside and answered the phone call. "Sup, Greg?" I heard him sigh on the other end of the line... Then I received some gut wrenching news.



I waited for about 20 minutes, and Niall never came back. Then I got a text from Harry that said: I think Niall is going through something, and he won't tell us anything. Try not to be mad at him. Danielle is going to pick you up while we meet up with Paul to talk about our concert downtown. See you later ;) xx

I had no idea who Danielle was or where she was taking me. Home, I suppose? I heard a familiar honk coming from outside. Oh, Danielle is the girl that Liam had left with earlier. I looked through the curtain and saw a beautiful girl waving at me through her car window. I stood up and a waiter came up to me and said, "Mr. Horan has called and informed us that he will be taking care of your lunch today. I nodded and took the last sip of my soda. I thanked him and walked out, then entered Danielle's car.


"Hi! I'm Danielle, Liam's girlfriend. You're Amy right?".

"Yup that'me." I smiled

"Good, 'cause it'd be really weird if a strange girl just sat in my car. Although I have had someone do that to me, she was obviously a super fan of the boys. She babbled on for the longest time about how great they were and how she wants to meet them and how she and I could be best friends so she could get to Harry. But I see that position is already taken?" She talked really fast and her accent was a bit hard to understand, but I got the last part perfectly. I looked at her strangely. "Those boys tell each other everything. Then... Liam tells me!" She giggled, "Sorry for talking so much. I'm really glad to meet you." 

"Oh its great to meet you too. Can you please not tell Niall about whats been going on between me and Harry?" I pleaded and blushed.

"Don't worry! I'm not like that, Eleanor's the one you have to worry about!!" Eleanor? A friend of hers maybe? I don't know.

"Hey, that's definitely not true!" A girl with a bright smile and long wavy hair popped up out of nowhere from the back seat. It made me jump. "Hi I'm Eleanor!"

"Hi..." i said awkwardly.

"She's Louis' girl." Danielle said, as she drove onto the road. Louis has a girlfriend? Woah. 

"Nice to meet you!" Eleanor's voice was perky and soothing at the same time.

"Same here!" I said kindly. We drove in silence for a while and I guess it was nice, but then Danielle began to speak.

"So the boys are with Simon and we have nothing to do... So, any ideas girls?" I immediately thought of  Tessa.

"Um, my friend, she came here with me this summer, can she tag along?"

"Of course! The more the merrier!" Danielle furrowed her dark brown eyebrows that matched her gorgeous bouncy curls. "I'm sorry I forgot her name... is it Tricia?"

"Tessa." I corrected her.

"Wow, I like that." Eleanor said quietly from the back seat. "Tessa." she repeated.


We got to the house and honked the horn, I had texted Tessa, telling her to be ready. She exited the door and locked it with the key that Liam had given her the other day. She hopped in and I introduced her to the girls. "Shall we go?" I asked, and Danielle drove off and headed for the shops.


There was one thing swimming around in my head... Why did Niall leave me?

Right after he kissed me.

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