Summer Nights With One Direction

Amy is prepared for a fun filled summer in London with her Mom. Just hours before their flight, Amy's Mom suddenly cancels due to a work emergency, and her best friend, Tessa, offers to come along instead. They plan for lots of exciting adventures during their trip to London that will make this summer the best one yet. But they definitely aren't expecting to spend their amazing summer nights with the boys from One Direction. Throughout the summer, both girls fall in love and experience some incredible things that they never planned. What will happen when they have to return to their noisy hometown in New York, and leave those delightful summer nights (and their new best friends) behind?


52. Epilogue

February 14th, 2014

I'm standing in front of Harry, holding both of his hands. Wearing my white gown. I look just a couple feet away from me and see my mother sitting between my father, who walked me down the isle, and Patrick. While the priest is speaking with a British accent that is very hard to understand, I look at the boys behind my soon-to-be husband, looking sharp with matching ties and smiles. I hear the the giggles of Tessa, my maid of honor, Eleanor, Danielle, and Bonnie (my bridesmaids) behind me. The crowd began to laugh along too because of some funny comment coming from the gibberish speaking priest. Maggie and her mother were able to make it too. She looked very pretty, dressed in a lilac colored dress with white sandals. Harry hasn't taken his eyes off of me since the doors opened at the end of the isle. I smiled at him, hoping that I didn't have lipstick on my teeth. I felt a chill electrocute my veins as he smiled back. We said our vows and our 'I DO's' And eventually, we were finally able to share our very first kiss as a married couple. It was the best feeling in the world. He kissed my cheeks and I laughed, the he picked me up and spun me around and kissed me some more. 

Looks like I'll be be spending more than just a couple of summer nights with the boys of One Direction.  

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