Summer Nights With One Direction

Amy is prepared for a fun filled summer in London with her Mom. Just hours before their flight, Amy's Mom suddenly cancels due to a work emergency, and her best friend, Tessa, offers to come along instead. They plan for lots of exciting adventures during their trip to London that will make this summer the best one yet. But they definitely aren't expecting to spend their amazing summer nights with the boys from One Direction. Throughout the summer, both girls fall in love and experience some incredible things that they never planned. What will happen when they have to return to their noisy hometown in New York, and leave those delightful summer nights (and their new best friends) behind?


47. Beach Day

I woke up again to five loud boys jumping on my bed. I groaned and tried to throw pillows at them, but sooner or later there weren't any more to throw. "Come on Amy!" one of them shouted, practically right in my ear. "We're going to the beach!" I heard another cheer. "It's 91 degrees outside! Let's go!" I finally opened my eyes and Harry threw one of my bikinis at me. It was the teal one with the gold swirls. Not my favorite, but it'll do. I sat up and they all plopped around me. They had all been shirtless. Thanks for making plans without me, I thought to myself.

"There's breakfast downstairs," Harry said and kissed my head. "Come down when you're ready."

"And hurry up, or we'll leave without you!" Liam said with a husky giggle. I got up and washed my face/brushed my teeth, then changed into my bikini and met the boys downstairs. Louis handed me a cup of hot tea while Zayn assembled my breakfast platter.

"Thank you." I said, and kissed his cheek politely as I took my plate. I walked over to the dining table and kissed Harry's head. He answered by kissing my hipbone. I sat down and ate my food quickly, then washed my dishes. The boys were scattered around the room, waiting for me. "Shall we?" I said loudly. They all yelled and cheered as they ran for the door. When we reached the beach, Louis started throwing sand. Great, I thought sarcastically. Within less than two minutes, I had hot sand in my hair and in places where sand should NOT be. I went up to Harry and whispered "I have sand in my bathing suit." we laughed.

"That's um... Kinda hot." he pulled me close and kissed me hard. I felt his fingers twisting the tie of my bikini.

"Ah ah ah, nope. No. Now is not the time, Styles." I said, removing his hands. I ran towards the other boys and he chased me. We ran into the water and splashed around until we were out of breath. I dragged myself out and fell onto the shore on my stomach. I felt his warm lips on my back, then his tongue wandering up to my shoulder. He began to whisper something, but I couldn't understand it. I felt like I was dreaming. Like he was speaking a whole different language. "Hmmm?" I mumbled. 

"I said... I want you." his hand strolled up and down the back of my thigh. I squirmed out of his reach and giggled. We were coated in wet sand. "I can't take it anymore." he squeezed my hip. "I'd be perfectly fine... making love to you... right here... in the sand." He said, practically grunting-breathlessly.

"Yes you can." I teased, as I inched away from him. He shook his head. I couldn't stand this any longer. I wanted to pounce on him. Oh, what the hell, I figured. I could feel a purr about to escape from my throat. His green eyes brightened when I stood up. I started walking towards the beach house but he didn't move. "You coming?" I asked, untying just one of the knots in my bikini. He ran up to me like a little puppy. "Excuse us, boys." I said, barely shouting but still looking wildly into Harry's fierce eyes. The boys laughed at us. 

I was never usually this flirtatious. I had a cat like energy running through my veins. And I liked it.


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