Summer Nights With One Direction

Amy is prepared for a fun filled summer in London with her Mom. Just hours before their flight, Amy's Mom suddenly cancels due to a work emergency, and her best friend, Tessa, offers to come along instead. They plan for lots of exciting adventures during their trip to London that will make this summer the best one yet. But they definitely aren't expecting to spend their amazing summer nights with the boys from One Direction. Throughout the summer, both girls fall in love and experience some incredible things that they never planned. What will happen when they have to return to their noisy hometown in New York, and leave those delightful summer nights (and their new best friends) behind?


1. An Unexpected Plane Pal

I had just finished packing my last bag when my mom softly knocked on my bedroom door. "Amy?" 

"Yeah, Mom?" I asked, as I zipped up my purple suitcase.

"I can't fly to London with you sweetie."

"What!?!" I whipped around and stared into her sad eyes. "Why not?"

"Richard just called and offered me a new position for the summer." Richard is her boss, which I hated by the way.

"And you're gonna take it?" I asked, and sat on the edge of my bed.

"I have to Amy! This is a wonderful opportunity for me, and I'm finally getting the promotion that can get me to the top. If I don't grab it now, I don't think he'll ever offer me this position ever again!" she sighed and walked over to me.

"So am I gonna go alone now?" I asked, and frowned.

"You can give Tessa my ticket." My mood was instantly lifted. Tessa is my best friend, practically my sister. She was the funnest person I knew, so at that moment I knew that this summer would be a whole lot more interesting with her coming along. Mom kissed my forehead before I jumped up in the air.

"Really?!?" I squealed and she nodded happily. "Thank you, thank you, thank you!" I ran out and called her immediately. I couldn't believe that my Mom is letting her 17 year old daughter and her wild friend go off to London for the summer. 


I hope she won't regret her decision.


Tessa's parents finally said yes after she spent about 4 hours begging them. She called me at midnight and Mom drove me to her house so I could help her pack. We spent all night folding clothes and stuffing bags with lots of her belongings. We talked about the fun we'd have and the cute guys we'd meet and by 4 a.m., we were completely exhausted. But on the inside, I couldn't contain my excitement. We fell asleep and set our alarms for 8 o'clock, since our plane would take off at 11. My mom was picking us up and driving us to the airport. Then our amazing summer would finally begin.


We woke up with puffy eyes and ratty hair, since we had barely even gotten 4 hours of sleep. I borrowed one of her hair brushes and combed my soft dark brown curls while Tessa went to the bathroom. She came out with her dirty blond hair in a cute, yet simple, braid. she had dressed into a pair of faded skinny jeans and a tight red v-neck. I was still wearing my clothes from last night and I hadn't brought any clothes with me (which was really stupid of me). Mom told me that my bags would be in the trunk when she arrived in the morning.


We sat on the couch in the living room until I heard a honk from outside. I slipped on my sandals then Tessa and I said bye to her parents and I helped  bring her bags out to the car. As we were placing them in the trunk, I grabbed my denim mini-skirt and a flowered tank-top from my purple suitcase. I told Tessa to sit in the front seat while I changed my clothes in the back. When I started undressing, she rolled the window down and cars honked through the open window on my right side. "Tessa!! Close the window! Perverts!" She laughed at me and brought the window up. "We wouldn't want to cause any accidents." I joked and giggled as I finished changing. 


We arrived at the airport and I shoved my folded clothes in my suitcase and gave my mom a big hug. She started to babble about being safe and not staying up too late and to spend our money wisely. I assured her that we'd be perfectly fine and that I'd call her everyday to check in. She watched us walk through security and I'm almost positive that I saw her wipe some tears. I waved to her, then Tessa and I skipped to our gate number with huge goofy smiles on our faces. We handed our tickets to the lady who stood behind a tall desk and walked through the large door that led to the plane. 


Luckily, Tessa and I were seated next to each other. I sat in the middle seat while she sat next to the window. A sweet little elderly woman sat beside me in the aisle seat. As the plane started to fly, Tess whispered, "Are you ready for the time of your life?" I nodded and smiled. I was definitely prepared.

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