did you ever hear of the word spellbound?? well Hellbound is almost the same thing, theirs a prophecy of the 7 girls : to all were egual, no different, not reconaisable. But all powerfull, and ordinary. To find the seven, you must look through your vision, and feel with your heart.
Not the easiest prophecy to understand, but its not impossable. You see if the girls are not found before this century ends humand are in doom, and demons will take over, The seven girls must be broungt together on a night of a blue moon which is full and a solar eclipse, something which only happens once every millenuim. They must keep order in our galaxy, if not, humans will be HELLBOUND


1. Sasha

It was a warm summers evening. She was sat by her window, blind to whats comming. She was alone but surrounded by deadly shadows, created by the dead of the night. The house was quiet and filled with her deepest fantasies. All was about to be  broken. It was watching her, it wanted her. The taste of her raw, cold flesh on its razor sharp claws was almost unstopable, closter and closer creepin` to the dreaming girl, whos oblivious to the horror thats appearing by her very own eyes. This is it! This is the moment its been waiting for. Nothing can stop it now. As it was about to claw the girl through the door came Muse, the shadow slayer. The end is cosem i need the seven girls, the prophecy musnt take place. Nothing can stop me now, not even a skimpy shadow slayer.

He stormed in to save the damsel in distress, he got their just in time, the girl, Sasha was huddled up in a corner by the demon. It was hungry meaning Igor had not send him,no he would want the girls alive.

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