did you ever hear of the word spellbound?? well Hellbound is almost the same thing, theirs a prophecy of the 7 girls : to all were egual, no different, not reconaisable. But all powerfull, and ordinary. To find the seven, you must look through your vision, and feel with your heart.
Not the easiest prophecy to understand, but its not impossable. You see if the girls are not found before this century ends humand are in doom, and demons will take over, The seven girls must be broungt together on a night of a blue moon which is full and a solar eclipse, something which only happens once every millenuim. They must keep order in our galaxy, if not, humans will be HELLBOUND


2. sadie

Romance was her thing, she loved it, thw whole red roses, romeo and julliett crap.Whoever was attacking the girl was gonna have a hard time with this one, as georgious as she may be, she was stuborn. 

For her the crature thing was diffrent, bigger, stronger, more hungry. The claws were terrible, it was that monster under your bed. Image your wors fear, now times it by 100, thats how scary it was.

Sadie was watching a movie- some romance. She had a box of tissues ready for the tears, muching on popcorn she didnt notice the creature behind her. I should step into action soon, well as soon as i realise the creature is after her.

and the claws extended into her hair, i came down ont to creature, cut its neck open, and sadie did not flinch from a frame, could someone be engeaged in a film that much? well at least i dont have to tell her sone weird monsters are after her- boss can do that, im going to check up on shasha, and maybe score her nnumber.

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