The Padded Rooms

"My life is a pit, a bottomless, dark, swirling pit. I dont know who i am anymore. She torments me, she comes in at night and talks to me, about my life. I cant take it....Kill me" The man looked up, his face was guant. "Kill me, i dont want to live anymore. Not with her...NOT WITH HER!" He sprang from his corner, death in his eyes, and lunged for my throat...

The Asylum was always run down. Since 1950 it had been shut down. But something is stirring in its depths. A dark soul, a tortured mind. A ghost with a vendetta. As head of the paranormal research team, Danielle Reaver and her squad have to identify what it is that is making the mad house go bump during the night. Or will she be captured as so many others have before.


6. To Worse

My team didn’t look too happy. The sun cast a large shadow over the compound. It was eerily quiet. Everything was old. Rusted, and overgrown with weeds. We walked to the main reception. It was deserted. The paint was peeling from the walls, papers littered the floor. I got out my movement sensor. “Okay guys, let’s keep it together, and get to the bottom of this ASAP.” I took point, and started walking toward the medical bay. The hallways were dark, very dark.

 We eventually had to switch on lights. They stank of disinfectant and something rotting. We passed open cells, with beds over turned, and splatters of an unknown substance on the walls. It looked like dried blood. Despite the cold outside it was beginning to get overly stuffy. The air was to close for comfort. Then, my movement sensor bleeped. Once. I stopped dead in my tracks. Looking straight ahead, I started shaking. There in front of us, was a skinny, skeletal form. It was dirty, and ugly, its face covered in blotches and blood. Its lips were non-existent, showing horrid teeth, almost black. It looked up, sniffing at the air, and then its head snapped to face us. Its milky red eyes fixed upon us. It screamed, and darted away from us, crashing into the medical bay.

“Move!” Josh ordered and they all ran guns at the ready into the medical bay. I ran after them. The bay was quiet. It was even darker in here. There was blood…everywhere. It all but plastered the walls, and was spattered on the floor. God knows what happened in here. I heard scuttling from all around us. It was in here. Watching us. I started to shake. The motion detector started beeping. More so now, there were more than five. And they were all in this room with us. I heard a scream from the corner of the room. And then, bullets started firing. The sounds of gunfire blared in my ear drums, I covered my ears. But nothing could drown out the gurgled screams of those creatures.

It was over in minutes. Nothing left but bloodied corpses and smoking barrels. I was still shivering. I wasn’t used to this.

“That’s the first time we’ve ever had to open fire. Ever,” Cole said.

“This place…it’s not right,” Izzie stammered. They were all worried. Their eyes wide with fear. I sighed, and opened my mouth to speak.

But as I did, something caught my eye. A shape, shambling toward us, looked to be a girl. No older than fifteen. I couldn’t help myself. I moved toward her skinny and shaking frame. Her hair was brown and dirty and awfully thin. She smiled up at me. Her teeth were all yellow, and misplaced.

“Can you help me?” she said. Her voice was shaky, innocent almost. My heart started pounding. I heard Cole behind me.

“Danielle, what are you doing?” I moved my hand up to her face.

“Danielle! Move away now!” But before I could react, something landed on my back, and bit into my shoulder.

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