The Padded Rooms

"My life is a pit, a bottomless, dark, swirling pit. I dont know who i am anymore. She torments me, she comes in at night and talks to me, about my life. I cant take it....Kill me" The man looked up, his face was guant. "Kill me, i dont want to live anymore. Not with her...NOT WITH HER!" He sprang from his corner, death in his eyes, and lunged for my throat...

The Asylum was always run down. Since 1950 it had been shut down. But something is stirring in its depths. A dark soul, a tortured mind. A ghost with a vendetta. As head of the paranormal research team, Danielle Reaver and her squad have to identify what it is that is making the mad house go bump during the night. Or will she be captured as so many others have before.


4. The Thing

We moved quietly, watching our backs constantly, mist had rolled in through the trees, if not for Liz telling them directions, they would have gotten lost by now. Or worse. There were rustlings in the bushes, but Josh assured us that it was woodland creatures, or the wind. But i had the strangest feeling that the animals werent hiding from us, but from something far far more horrifying. I only had a taser gun, but if they encountered any hostiles, I preffered to leave the shooting to the others, I hated guns, at least the stun gun only incapacitated them. The assault rifle tore straight through them. A squawk from a nearby crow alerted the us, we were by no means alone. "Somethings following us," Iz said in my ear, her voice a mere whisper in the fog in my ear, I nodded. We stopped for a two minute break, getting our bearings. Josh leaned against a tree, breathing in and out slowly. But as he did, I thought i saw something slither down the trunk, but surely snakes would die in this cold. A trick of the eye, I told myself. Until it wrapped its arms around his throat, and yanked him upward.

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