The Padded Rooms

"My life is a pit, a bottomless, dark, swirling pit. I dont know who i am anymore. She torments me, she comes in at night and talks to me, about my life. I cant take it....Kill me" The man looked up, his face was guant. "Kill me, i dont want to live anymore. Not with her...NOT WITH HER!" He sprang from his corner, death in his eyes, and lunged for my throat...

The Asylum was always run down. Since 1950 it had been shut down. But something is stirring in its depths. A dark soul, a tortured mind. A ghost with a vendetta. As head of the paranormal research team, Danielle Reaver and her squad have to identify what it is that is making the mad house go bump during the night. Or will she be captured as so many others have before.


7. The Halls

I woke up with sweat on my brow. My eyes wide. My heart in my throat. It was dark. But something was off. Everything seemed to have a reddish tinge to it. I tried to move, but failed. I was strappped to a hospital bed with restraints. I tried to speak, but my mouth was muffled. I heard footsteps.

"What have we here? A new patient!" A beam of light engulfed me, and as i looked down, I saw that i was indeed, strapped, quite securely to an operating table. I screamed as loud as i could, but only muffled cries could be heard. "Now now, lets just calm ourselves shall we," into the light stepped a tall, thin man, dressed as an 1800's surgeon, he was holding a saw, and wearing bloodied plastic gloves. 'Oh god no' I thought. He began to hum.

"What do you do with a drunken sailor...what do on," his eyes flicked up at me, menacingly, with cruel intent. "You are not her!" he raised the saw, high, screaming, "YOU'RE NOT HER! WHY!?"

"I dont know! Who is she!?" is what i tried to say, but all that could be heard was "mmm, mmm, mmmm!". Tears ran down my face, and as he was about to bring down the saw, he stopped. Everything became silent. "Hello? Is that you dear?" he whimpered into the dark.

In response, a table, flew out of the dark, and sent him flailing out of the light. I heard a defening crucnh of bone and choked screams. I was shivering. But as i was, the fastening became loose, and my muffle started to slip. I stood as soon as i could. I looked out into the dark, the red tinge to my eyes getting worse.

Something moved ahead. Something small, and quick. I picked up the saw that the surgeon had dropped, it was heavy, and rusted to high heaven.

"Can you help me?" There it was again. A little girls voice. I looked around, then something grabbed me by the collar, and whispered in my ear, with a cracked and dry voice, "You're going to scream like i did," then released me, but as it did, i found myself falling, into screams, and gunfire, and Izzie screaming at me, to get the hell up.

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