The Padded Rooms

"My life is a pit, a bottomless, dark, swirling pit. I dont know who i am anymore. She torments me, she comes in at night and talks to me, about my life. I cant take it....Kill me" The man looked up, his face was guant. "Kill me, i dont want to live anymore. Not with her...NOT WITH HER!" He sprang from his corner, death in his eyes, and lunged for my throat...

The Asylum was always run down. Since 1950 it had been shut down. But something is stirring in its depths. A dark soul, a tortured mind. A ghost with a vendetta. As head of the paranormal research team, Danielle Reaver and her squad have to identify what it is that is making the mad house go bump during the night. Or will she be captured as so many others have before.


9. I. See. You.

We walked as quietly as we could. The occasional blast of sun coming through the grimy, yellowing glass of the windows. The air smelled of must, and more disinfectant. A bad combination. Despite everything, i couldn't help cast my mind back to home as we walked. Back to Alex and Edi. I was wondering if i would ever see them, hell, maybe i'd give Alex a shot. If we got out of here.

Everything was still. The only thing that moved was the dust in the air, only disrupted by our movement. Our breathing as one was hushed, but ragged, my heart was pounding in my chest. Something clanged up ahead. We froze. 

No one moved. Not a centimeter. Ahead of us, was something big. Deformed, and big. It's legs were chunky, it's arms were long, and slender, like mine, but it's head was twisted, like someone had tried to break its neck but half did the job. Lank blonde hair hung from it's pasty head, dried with blood and dust. In fact, its hands were so long, its nails dragged along the floor. Huge, metallic, rusty, nails. Cole gave me a glance, we silently ducked behind one of the upturned tables. The metal still scraping along the floor. We whispered.

"What the hell do we do?" Cole hissed. The scraping continued. 

"We can fight it, can't we? we have the ammo?" Izzie looked to me. The scraping persisted. 

 I opened my mouth to say something, but stopped. The hall was silent. My eyes widened, and i covered my mouth as i saw four long, needle like nails clinking around the other end of the table, nearest to Cole. He widened his eyes as i did, but remained calm. He lifted his gun, his knuckles white on the grips. The creature slowly slinked its head around the table, it was blind, it's eyes were bloody and awful, scratched and scabbed. I then looked at the nails...she clawed out her own eyes...I looked at her attire. A bloody, white, gown. She was one of the patients. 

Cole was milliseconds from firing...when a crash somewhere to the east drew her off, she shrieked, then bounded with her little stubby legs into another room. We all sighed. 

Izzie breathed "Thank god for th-" she was cut off abrubtly. All we heard was the sound of metal being punctured, and Izzie talking through her own blood. It had come back. 

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