The Padded Rooms

"My life is a pit, a bottomless, dark, swirling pit. I dont know who i am anymore. She torments me, she comes in at night and talks to me, about my life. I cant take it....Kill me" The man looked up, his face was guant. "Kill me, i dont want to live anymore. Not with her...NOT WITH HER!" He sprang from his corner, death in his eyes, and lunged for my throat...

The Asylum was always run down. Since 1950 it had been shut down. But something is stirring in its depths. A dark soul, a tortured mind. A ghost with a vendetta. As head of the paranormal research team, Danielle Reaver and her squad have to identify what it is that is making the mad house go bump during the night. Or will she be captured as so many others have before.


3. Blood, Ice and Leaves

The drive was silent, other than Liz's music blasting throughout. She was into trip hop, and techno, good for parties, not when its nine thirty in the morning. We stopped abruptly,"Shit" Liz swore, turning off her music,"Look alive guys, you're walking from here," I peered over the driver seat, and she was right, road blocks  had been placed about half a mile away from the actual asylum, which was surrounded by forest. I sighed, 'Day just keeps getting better,' I thought grudgingly. We all stepped out of the truck, i got out last, as Liz said,"I'll be here monitoring comms, keep them on, 'cause according to our schematics, the place is like a frickin' maze, I'll be on the monitor, so make sure you patch in every few minutes, make sure its still working, got it?" We all nodded,"Be careful guys," she said as she closed the rear doors. Cole checked his gun, then slotted the ammo clip in with a sharp clcking sound,"Lets move baby," He took point, with Josh and Izzie at his flanks, me behind them. Liz buzzed in my ear,"Quick heads up, after the asylum was shut down, they started using it as a retreat for the mentally ill again fourty years later in the nineties, but get this, after two months the inmates broke out, and they havent been reported back since...well ever," Josh cut in, putting his finger to his ear,

"So what are you saying? That these woods are crawling with crazies?" he snarled,

"Sorry guys, but thats what it looks like," Liz reported back,

"Okay, everyone, keep alert, and watch your backs, god knows what these crazies were locked up for, and hell knows what they'll do now," Josh started walking into the woodland, with us following in the same formation as before. Although it was nearly summer, the ground was covered in a thin layer of frost, and my breath crystalised infront of my face.

We walked for about fifteen minutes without a word, only the crunching beneath our feet. Until Josh stopped, kneeling down."What is it Josh?" Izzie asked, Josh stood back up, his finger tips were red. Blood. Pooling around a very dead, human corpse. Cole jumped back in surprise at the bloody human popsicle. "What the hell?! What did this?!"

"Cole, shut up, whatever killed this thing might still be around, so zip it big guy," He glared at her with force enough to make a rhino hesitate. "D, what do you make of this?" I knelt down next to the remains, as well as being a complete super natural nut, I was also a trained anthropolagist. "Body is male, thirty to fourty years old, and due to the marks on the ribs and face, it looks like...cannibals.." Izzie swore,

"Cannibals? Freaking cannibals? Are you serious?" she asked, looking at me with disbelief. I nodded,

"Yeah cannibals, sorry Iz," I sighed, as she exhaled heavily, I turned to Josh,"What now?" he breathed out too, stood and pulled his MP5 from his back, loading it, flicking off the safety,"Now we find the asylum, get the data we came for then go, lets get moving" he said, setting course for the mad house. We followed, leaving the bloodied corpse, and the frozen blood soaked leaves behind us.

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