your the one

michaela is a avrage 18 year old girl who dose not fuss about one direction but when michaela's dad becomes one directions manager, will she start to fall for one of them or still not care who they are


1. meeting them.

michaelas pov

" michaela come here i got some good news" i heard my dad shout from down stairs "coming" i ran down stairs to find my dad waiting in the living room for me  "yes dad" "micky i've got a new job" my dad called me micky when he was happy so mostley all the time "im going to be the manager for the boy band called ..............." he always also like dramatic pauses " one direction" why out of all the stars in the world did it have to be them, its not that i did'nt like them i liked there music its just that i've got board of hearing about them all the time, but for my dad i put on a fake smile "im soo happy for you dad" i was just about to go back up to my room when my dad for me to stop and i was half way up the stairs i turned around "yes dad" "michaela i need your help with something" his voice sounded very worried " what is it" i asked worried " well the boys are coming round in 30 mins and i need you to bring blankets and pillows down because the boys will be staying for a few days before they go on tour" "they are staying here for how many days???" my dad looked away "3 days" "really fine but if they anoy me im not responsable for any damage to them or their faces" " and thats why your the best, look i got to go pick them up see you in 10 mins" he was just about to close the door but then shouts in " ohhhh and i need to show them around but make sure they dont get reconised by fans or paparazzi" and with that he left. Great 10 mins till they are here and i basically had to babysit them well this was going to be a long 3 days. 

 A/N hey sorry if it is really bad its my first one please coment on what u think i will try to update every day but i wont to know what u think if u hate it if u like it please i would like to know thanks :)   

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