21st Century Nazis

Inspired after watching a programme on the subject. Seriously though, this sort of thing gives me chills and makes me feel physically sick.
Hope you enjoy depsite the subject :/


1. 21st Century Nazis

“Sieg heil!” you cry, as you raise your right arm in salute of the Devil incarnate, long dead from this earth.

“White power!” you shriek, as though you forefathers were the original inhabitants of the country you live in.

You are branded an `American Nazi` and you wear this title as a badge of honour, as though it was something to be proud of.

The two words `American` and `Nazi` should not coexist in one title- are not meant to coexist in the same title.

Do you stop to think what your grandfather would say if he were to see you preaching the word of the man they once fought against, the man their friends died fighting against?

I know what they would say to you… “You disgust me.” “You disappoint me.” “You’re no grandchild of mine.”

The fallen soldiers of America turn in their graves in horror at witnessing the land they fought to protect tolerating the vile and poison words of Adolf Hitler being preached by present day Americans- young and old.

“We don’t want your filthy immigrants!” you scream as though you originated from the ground upon which you stand.

But you forget your own history.

You forget about the Native Americans being cast out of their home by the white man- YOU are the immigrant in your own birthplace.

But of course that’s different because it’s you and your brothers…because the fearsome Apache, Mohawk and Cheyenne lost the fight for their homeland.

“Well this just proves the superiority of the white man!” You’ll say in your defence but you know deep down it was because of the military and technology you possessed at the time that the Natives did not- that does not make you better than them.

But still you shout that Hitler was right…still you say that Jews are the problem.

Peaceful, kind Jews that have done nothing in their modern history but mind their own business.

The only violent Jew I have ever heard of is Tuvia Bielski…and he was violent in protection of himself and his persecuted people against the Nazis- Bielski is an inspirational figure.

Is Hitler an inspirational figure? To the sick of mind… yes. To the sick of heart…yes. To the corrupt of soul…yes.

But we, the healthy minded, healthy hearted and kind souls, we see him for what he truly was…a murdering monster who stole the lives of so many sons and daughters, fathers and mothers.

We all know him as the power drunk bastard that raped Germany and tarnished its reputation in the world.

Hitler is the prime example of what NOT to aspire to be in life.

And yet these `American Nazis` encourage people to openly kill Jews? Encourage the masses to `protect the white people`?

Violent inebriates and Neanderthals; ignorant to the influence of time and change, set in their primitive, hostile and unacceptable mannerisms and teachings.

The American Nazi ideal must be eradicated…

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