A romantic story about a girl called Allie who falls in love with One Direction's beautiful Zayn, a true love story.:)


5. Zayn.


One day, I was sitting alone in my hotel room when I heard a knock on the door.   "Whaaaaat?" I groaned, as I answered the door.  

It was Zayn.  


"Hi" he smiled.  


I froze.   

"Hello?..Allie, you ok there?"  

I was in shock.  



"Hi" I finally got out.  

"Hey, I bumped into your parents and they told me you were here. Wow, you haven't changed a bit"  

I just stared at the ground.  

"Umm, so I was you want to go on a boat ride with me right now?"  


I thought about it.  

"Kay" I replied, shortly.   


Typical. Just when you think you're starting to get over a guy he comes back. Ugh, men.    

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