A romantic story about a girl called Allie who falls in love with One Direction's beautiful Zayn, a true love story.:)


4. Waiting.


Santana, my best friend was incredibly happy when I told her, but stopped being a fan after what happened next.


He promised he'd visit me all the time when I went home....he didn't. He promised he'd write to me. He didn't. Must have got busy, or I was just a summer fling. Either way, I was heart broken. Everyday, I checked my phone, checked my mail box....nothing happened.

  Mom and wanted to go back to Hawaii again, the same place as last time. I still wasn't over the heart break though, so didn't want to go, my parents forced me though. So I went. For the first two weeks, I never really left the hotel, everyday was a reminder, and I just felt like I was in a war, but really I was just fighting with myself.    

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