A romantic story about a girl called Allie who falls in love with One Direction's beautiful Zayn, a true love story.:)


3. Falling in love.


My phone started ringing, it was Blaine.


"Hello?" I answered.

"Hey, it's Blaine!"

"Hi Blaine..."

"Hows your holiday going?" 

"Ummm great thanks, hows things?" 

"Good, miss you though, can't wait for you to come home"

I went silent.

"Baby?" he asked.


"Remember what we talked about?"


"When you come back? It's Sam's birthday.."

"Yeah? And what about it?"

"About us? You know..." 

"Blaine, I told you, I'm just not ready-"

"Ugh, Allie! You've been putting this off for months! You promised-"

"I didn't promise anything"

"For gods sake Allie, you're such a nun. Are you ever going to lose your virginity?!"

"When I'm ready!"

"Well get ready soon, cause if you don't? We'll be having a talk"


He hung up.


I had forgotten Zayn was there.


"Was that your-" he asked.

"Yes" I sighed.

"I should have known..." he laughed sarcastically "Is he pressuring you?"

I stayed silent.

"You can trust me" he said, holding my hand.

"He hits me" I cried.

"What?" he whispered.

"For several months now" 

He just held me in his arms, as I cried. 

"It'll all be alright. I promise" he whispered, "Why are you still with him?"

"I'm afraid of what he might do"


The next few moments were silent. That was the first time I had ever opened up, about anything. It felt good. 


"Well, we'll talk about this later. Lets have some fun, eh?" he smiled.

I smiled back.

"So do you like music?" he asked.

"More than people" I laughed.

"Yeah. I think what's best about it, is music is there fir you when people aren't. Always has the right thing to say"

I agreed.


The next few months were magical. We splashed about in the water, went to the carnival, went swimming with dolphins, surfed, went to a Demi Lovato concert, got back stage passes to see Justin Bieber, I  taught him how to swim, talked all night, had dinner with my parents, went dancing, made sand castles on the beach, play fighted, camped out under the stars and he kissed me under fireworks. He even gave me the courage to dump Blaine, which was the hardest thing I've ever done. It felt so good. I quickly fell in love with him, and he said felt the same way.


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