Something to fight for

When Kaytlyn moves to UK with her friend trinity (trin) to become music artist, who will they meet? Who will they all for? Where will they go? Will they survived?!


1. ❤ chapter 1 ✌

My eyes flutter open as I hear screaming and a dinging and a buzzing. I look at my clock it's 3:40 me and Trinity have to be at the Airport at 4:30 "Kaytlyn get up!!" I look to my right and Trinity is standing there with our suitcases. "get up we have to go!!!" "ok ok." I say still Half asleep Trinity runs to our closet and grabs my jeans and a tank top "here get changed as brush your hair!!". I run to the bathroom and change my hair is still a mess I grab my brush and run out to the car my parents ad brother are already in there I slammed the door once I got inside and shut the door so fast my 15 year old brother Colin woke up and said "what the....." my mom said "ok here we go" and we left the house 'Well I guess there is no turning back' Trinity texted me as we left 'yeah' I replied 'I'm gonna miss this place but I am excited!!' 'yeah me to Im really nervous I can't believe we got excepted!!' 'i can!!' 'really' I didn't get her response cause I fell asleep and the world went black ❤
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