under the willows

three friends want to be known other than the tree girls who no one likes so they find a hang out and do what they do best but everything goes wrong.


1. 1

Chapter 1

Hallo my name is Abigail and this my story, and it starts like this.  


Don't you think that willow trees are amazing? Well I think they are amazing. Want to know why? Well, when you see a willow tree you might realise that it is normally in the middle of nowhere so it is really quiet, and calm you are also sheltered if it rains and if it is really hot it is a good bit of shade. Well me and my best friends have a hang out underneath a willow tree in a big, green field and the great thing is the only thing you see is other trees like birch, pine, ferns and bushes of all sorts. So me and my best friends Lisa Arch and Joe Bradford, we sit under the willow tree and do what we do best which is writing and drawing.

See me and Lisa want to be authors when were older and Joe wants to be an illustrator and so me and Lisa write the stories and Joe illustrates them in hope for all of for one day to be noticed by any one. 

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