I'm fascinated by many things. So here we go :)


3. Smoke and Fire

I'm going to start off by saying, I don't smoke and I don't think I ever will. 

I just love the way fire does this thing where some air become dark and then forms different shapes while flying off into no where and disappears. 

Sitting by a fire may hurt your eyes and make you cough but I think it's worth it. The heat from the wild flames and the smoke that follows is magnificent. 

Fire can be both small and peaceful but also enormous and wild, anyhow I think it's wonderful. 

I love the way it can make wax melt, the way it can turn something solid into liquid all by it self. It doesn't need anything but it self to work it's magic.

We use it to keep warm and to burn things to get rid of them and to cook food and many other things, but we never really just sit down and enjoy the look of it, how it dances in front of you, creating a show before you kill it. The fire creates a bit of smoke  while living like life is leaving it a bit but rebuilding it and then when you kill the fire, the smoke becomes bigger because now it's time to go, time to fly away. It's like the fire is a dancer and then while dancing it's killed and then the soul has nothing left to do, but leave. Because its home is gone, taken away. 

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