I'm fascinated by many things. So here we go :)


4. Sight

Being able to see this world is obviously something most people just don't think about.

But, just how your eyes let's us see colours, shapes and movements and us knowing what everything is, is magnificent. Even by just looking at a colour, our mood can change from cheerful to sad. It translates what our eyes sees into feelings and thoughts.

They say the eye is the souls window and I do believe in that. We don't only feel with our hearts, but also eyes. We see stuff happen. Good and bad.

We can see things that will change our lives, that will make us cheer of joy or cry of sorrow. Imagine seeing the one you love killed in front of your own eyes, that would scar you for life. While seeing the one you love propose to you will make you the happiest person on earth.

Sight is a wonderful thing and us with sight should use it while we can.

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