I'm fascinated by many things. So here we go :)


1. Clouds

Just, where do I start? Clouds are so peaceful to look at, even when they're dark. They are so puffy and lovely.

Looking at clouds makes me think. Like, what if they world has an invisible glass ball around it. If you look closely at clouds, it looks like they're resting on something or just hovering above the earth. 

And when they become darker it's because a crack in the glass and slowly the puffiness melts and turns into water, that rains down on us as revenger from waking it and making it lose the life it had. 

Not knowing this, the cloud also helps us by giving us water to drink and at the same time also watering our plants.

All it's close ones then move on to go somewhere else, hoping the same won't happen to them. When the sun shines down on us, the water from the dead cloud flies into the heavenly sky and becomes a tiny little baby cloud but grows older, finds friends and the same thing happens to the new cloud.

Just a though..

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