I'm fascinated by many things. So here we go :)


2. Air

We all breathe air like it was nothing. There is so much of it that we actually just take it for granted.

Imagine, all the air in the world disappeared for 5 minutes, we'd all be dead. Unless, we all wore gas masks but there aren't enough for everyone in the world and we wouldn't even have time to get them. 5 minutes. Even 4. Maybe even 3. 

While you're reading this, take your time to enjoy air, enjoy inhaling. Inhale slowly, feel the air fill your lungs and then leave again. Maybe even breathe with your mouth, realize how the air fills your body, and then flows out, brushing your lips.

Then try to stop breathing for a very little while. Feel how uncomfortable it is?

Something as simple as air keeps us alive. Keeps us in this little thing we call life.


It's invisible, it's taken for granted, it's air.


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